Expectations and the Now

Oh, how I love the subject of Expectations and the Now, or living in the Now…and I love just letting go of the past and finding the alignment I want now…it’s true that it really doesn’t matter what life was like 1 year ago, 5 years ago, or 10 or 20 or 30 or more years ago.  The only thing that matters is what we tells ourselves NOW.  This concept is fun to practice and live with and play with, to change around until you find a way of milking moments, to LOVE the now as best as you can, because it’s really all you’ve got.

This funny conversation is just a gem full of insights on how to use the Abraham Processes, using Ease, Fun, Clarity, Playing with others, FEELING that for many days…and how it will bring your vibration up AND bring the fun into your life.

I have had an amazing week of rendezvousing with lots of fun and fun people, and very few less aligned people and situations.  If you’d like to play with more fun people, have better relationships, more fulfilling family times, then maybe you could listen here (thank you, Dewdrop) and then spend the next month also putting that into your vortex and then knowing that you created it and as all the fun you wanted shows up, really feel your powerful creative ability.

As I think about how I get the best our of everyone else in my life when I don’t ask THEM to change to please me, I know I am so getting this!  The trick is to focus on the good I DO see in me, and in them.  Don’t get caught pigeon-holing people into set roles!  Let them rise to your good expectation of them!  Whether you are a parent, spouse, teacher, co-worker, boss, child, sibling–GIVE OTHERS A CHANCE to rise up!  It really works, but you must stick with it for a while.  You’ll see the results fast though!

Some of my personal successes just this week are, hearing my 5 year old counting on her own, finding many ladybugs at the beach, meeting a nice family at our library, and I’ve noticed that more people really are smiling at me when I walk by, or say, “hello”, or stopping to talk, and I’ve petting more dogs while I’ve been out in my neighborhood.  My house has been really peaceful, and I love that.  My husband took the time to speak with me about things that interest me (like natural health stuff) and he took a bike ride today.  I kept my cool as things I didn’t like appeared, so I know what I still will work on (which is NOT focusing there, and instead focusing on things I do like and want in my peeps) and when I normally would overreact to something, I was totally calm, enjoying the flow of how energy works, and like in slow motion, I told myself that I am soothed and perfectly satisfied with my life right now as I enjoy all co-creators learning their way around their vortexes.  Life is so good!

Much love and many blessings from Jen C., the LOA Coach



Source is always looking through our eyes!  Listen to this great talk on how to switch from getting a manifestation to finding the feeling place OF the manifestation.  VERY important to FEEL your way to the emotional validation you are seeking!  I am having a very smooth, fun day with my kids, and I know it’s because I have focused in this way and can do it anytime.  Things keep lining up…like today, we took off to the beach, and literally dozens of ladybugs were landing on us, flying around us, flying by.

Letting go of conditions is an amazing feeling…unconditional clarity and alignment feels so nice, and I want you to have that as well.  Listen and learn!  It only takes a minute here and a minute there to feel your way to the alignment you want, then it gets easier, happens more frequently, and then keeps repeating the cycle.  Once you ar ein the cycle, “knowing” that all is well, then life gets really beautiful, because then everything you see is really beautiful, and you won’t find any fault with anyone or anything!  It is wonderful to live life without asking or demanding others to change–just letting them be themselves while you build your own personal power up.  That’s all.  Now, go do it!

Thanks to Dewdrop and Much love from Jen C., the LOA Coach

Best Song from Annie by Sia and Quvenzhane Wallis Opportunity

I watched the 2014 version of the musical Annie, and remembering the soundtrack, I wanted to share the BEST song from it. It’s Sia’s song Opportunity, but sung by Quvenzhane Wallis.  Both of their talents are immeasurable, and the song really uplifts.  Enjoy!

The song begins at about 30 seconds in.  Look how this little girl really did wrap the world around her finger, and how the LOA paired her up with so many opportunities!  I am so happy for her!

Much love from Jen C., the LOA Coach

What Source Thinks and The Path of Least Resistance

I just watched this game-changing video about what Source thinks and the path of least resistance, as told by Abraham-Hicks. I have been thinking that I have eliminated so many limiting beliefs, so I’ve been wondering why certain things haven’t been moving forward with more positive momentum…and I knew deep down that I still have some resistance.  This video cleared it up for me!  Thank you to Dewdrop for always making amazingly beautiful videos!

Source Energy is always loving us, even when we are looking at ourselves or situations with negative energy, AND THEREFORE, we can remind ourselves that the problem is solved, the only thing we need to do is await the good things we want–Happily.  The path of least resistance is important for all of us, and we can just relax and allow it to flow.  Part of managing resistance is just “knowing” that everything is working out, that Source is flowing the creative components we want, and that the world is really supporting us, not working against us or punishing us.

I love how true it is that if we only stopped thinking negative things about ourselves, all the good we want would come to us. And that is my wish for all beings, learn more about LOA programs that are right for you.

Much love and many blessings from Jen C., the LOA Coach

How Do I Know if the LOA is Working

When I’m in synch and aligned with Source, I feel great!  I am clear minded and enjoying my life.  How do I know if the LOA is working?  Well, I can tell if LOA is working by how I feel first, and then I can tell if the manifestations I want are coming by how fast/slow they come.

Yesterday, I was looking for a good book for my nephew, so I went out and I bought one at BN for his birthday.  Later in the day, I saw a couple getting ready for their yard sale and I asked if I could look while I was out for a walk, and viola!  I started looking through the books, finding 6 for my kids, and 10 for me, and a Jack Kerouak book–perfect for my 14 year old nephew! I was milking this idea, how great a find these books were, and the ones for me were self-help books like Conversations with God, by Neale Donald Walsh, and the like.  So, I finished my walk and went back to pick up my box, and the Book Seller commented on how this was his favorite book and how delighted it always made him.

Oh, what a feeling of relief that I found such an interesting book, how I know I am in a good manifesting place overall, because these fun things keep appearing into my life.  Isn’t it nice when something you’ve been wanting shows up, sometimes with not much of a gap in time at all?  Fast manifesting is the result of being in a happy overall state, and having little resistance about a topic.  (Feeling resistance is the opposite, you have negative feelings in general and about a particular topic, you can learn to practice appreciation and lessen your fears.

Has that ever happened to you?  You really were open to receiving something (no stress situation) and it just came so easily into your experience?  Easy manifesting?  Share your story if you have had this experience.

Much love and many blessings from Jen C., the fun homeschooling mama and LOA Coach.

Poop Alert The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush by Andreas Moritz

Be forewarned, this post is a poop alert about The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush by Andreas Moritz (RIP)!  Just kidding, but I have done this flush over a dozen times, and if you have a serious health issue or type 1 diabetes, I’ll explain why you should also.

There is lots of info online about Liver and Gallbladder flushes, and about Andreas Moritz, but pay no mind!  This flush is a complete way to cleanse the stones out of your liver and gallbladder, AND do a colon cleanse simultaneously.  I heard about it after a friend had her gallbladder removed, because the allopathic doctors told her there was no other way.  So, when I started having gallbladder attacks, I thoroughly researched the natural ways to cleanse my body.  This was the conclusion I came to, and IT WORKED, so well, that my liver and gallbladder work remarkably well now.  I can even feel stones passing through the ducts now when I do get one.  Only now it doesn’t hurt!

My experience was that I wanted to cleanse and detox, but the added benefit was that any anger I’d had in my life also dissipated (so many cultures believe that anger lies in the liver!).  Over the course of my flushes–12 in all over 8 months–I pooped out thousands of stones each time, totaling over 20,000 liver and gallbladder stones, I’m sure.

So, go to his site to get more info on the actual flush, but the basics are:

1.  Take one Malic Acid capsule every day for 6 days. (Sunday-Friday mornings).  Malic Acid softens the stones.

2.  On Friday morning, eat oatmeal with no fat.  You eat no fat to build up the amount of bile that will push the stones out later, so don’t screw this up!

3.  On Friday afternoon, eat rice with no fats, around 2 pm.

4.  On Friday night, at 6 pm, take one dose of Epsom Salt (now this is what you will thank me for–buy veggie capsules and put the disgusting tasting salts in the capsules–about 30 per dose of size 0 or 00 to fit about 1 Tablespoon of salts per dose), then you won’t have to taste it.  The Epsom Salt relaxes the ducts for the stones to pass without pain, and also is a laxative so everything gets out quickly.

5.  At 8 pm, take another dose of Epsom Salt, about 30 capsules again.

6.  At 10 pm, take the olive oil and grapefruit juice mixture.  Then hurry up and lie down immediately, slightly to your left side but flat.  You may feel the stones trickling out of the ducts.  STAY THERE for as long as you can, and just try to go to sleep.

7.  In the morning, 6 am, take another dose of Epsom Salt, or double the dose, instead of taking the second dose at 8 am.

8.  Poop all day, at least until the early afternoon.  You will be so glad to get this stuff out of you.  You should drink a lot of water, because you’ll be losing a lot of it, you may or may not have an appetite, but it’s ok to eat after about 10 am onward.

If you saw a lot of floating stones, that look like peas, and lots of sludge, then you may need to do a few flushes, but you should space them out at least 2-3 weeks inbetween.  I needed to do 12 flushes before I was completely clear, and the bigger stones came out at the end.  I would also take a pro-biotic to replenish some good intestinal bacteria, and eat more veggie and fiber rich foods (as opposed to dense foods like bagels), to begin with.

Caution:  I am a normal person giving my experience with this, so you will need to get your own medical advice, although, as I mentioned, allopathic doctors aren’t always supportive of natural ways of doing things, in fact, they’d be out of a job if everyone went “natural”.  Got it?  As far as trouble shooting goes though, if you have pain, you may have a large stone passing through your ducts, and the easiest way to get it out is to take a little more Epsom Salt ASAP.  And, there is no substitute for reading The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush.

This is one of those strange things that just has to be done for a healthy functioning liver!  The liver is your largest detoxing organ, and you want it to work optimally.  We’re constantly exposed to toxins, so you have to get rid of them mostly through the liver, so it makes sense to support the liver, and thank it with love and appreciation for doing all of these things for us.  🙂  Once you are completely clear, then you can do this once a year.  I get all my info from Andreas Moritz’s book directly.

I also do the kidney cleanse, and have bought all the herbs for that, doing that once a year as well.

Your body will be so much happier and healthier because of this, and while your friends and family get older and sicker, you’ll be getting younger and healthier, and they will be wondering WHY, and then you can tell them.  That you decided to listen to your very knowledgeable body, and you were guided by spirit and inspiration to give your body what it really needs.

I am so happy and thankful you stopped by here today, and good luck to you as you begin this healing chapter of your life.

Many blessings from Jen C., the homeschooling mama and LOA Life Coach!

Best LOA Programs

I am a huge fan of the best LOA Programs, because I have taken so many of them and benefited so much. Learning self love, abundance, and spirituality is essential to a life filled with happiness.

Here are some of the best LOA programs that I believe will benefit you as well, I hope you will find resonance with many of them. Life is like a smorgasbord, take what you like and leave the rest.  I am working on some of my own LOA programs, like ebooks, and will be offering them soon.


Rikka Zimmerman Money Mastery Quiz and Course, Rikka discusses the abundance blocks that may be stopping you from achieving the wealth you’d like, and gives you exercises to raise your frequency around money.  Rikka’s laugh may make you run away, but I really like her overall personality and her genuineness, speaking from the heart (which is where abundance lies).

Joe Vitale Wealth 360, You can learn how Joe came from homelessness to learn the frequency of abundance.  Joe has many powerful programs, but this one is essential, and it’s easy to just “copy” the formula that he gives for everything and practice it for yourself.


Rikka Zimmerman Adventure In Oneness Course.  There are a lot of spiritual teachers, but Rikka is a real person, who shows her giddy and silly self, and her information is presented as if you are her very best friend.  You will find tremendous value in that gift of her openly loving you, and it shows you how to do it for yourself.

LOA Basics:

Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey–The 11 Forgotten Laws of the Universe.  I LOVE this course!  Although the Law of Attraction is the most important law of the universe, these other laws must be in the forefront of your mind to manifest what you want.  Bob Proctor has been studying the LOA for over 50 years and is the oldest person teaching about it; I have complete trust in him.

Hayhouse Publishing for both Abraham-Hicks and Dr. Wayne Dyer and the many other authors there.  And YouTube has unlimited free videos on any important topic from any of these speakers/teachers.

A great resource for used books is Allbookstores.com, where you can search ALL bookseller sites for best rates.

Other teachers/speakers I really enjoy are Jack Canfield, Bob Doyle, Lisa Nichols, Marci Shimoff, and there are so many more.


Everyone has an amazing story to tell, a topic that they MUST write about or help people with, and many people are creating their dreams BY writing doing part time work.  For me, starting a website was a big part of building one of my dreams.

SBI or Site Build It!  My own personal opinion that this company has it all for building a website because almost everything you need is included for an oh-so-low yearly or monthly fee. Once you easily learn to DIY, you will never want to pay someone else to design a site for you.  You gain the power and potential to create a site and a dream, set them on auto, and go have fun!

These are my personal favorites, although there are many more.  I do sometimes get commissions if you make a purchase through my links, so thank you very much for investing in yourself today and trusting me to give you some uplifting and empowering information.  I thoroughly plan any link so that you will only receive top quality LOA info, and I do believe all of the programs I link to have guarantees of some sort.