Hypnosis Subliminals Binaural Beats Alpha Brain Wave State

Hey, there, have you done your hypnosis session today?  Hypnosis is such an easy way to plug into a relaxed state of being, just like using subliminals with binaural beats to get to the alpha brain wave state.

Curious?  This mellow, easy state of mind will become your go to feeling!  Watch your life get easier, better, smoother by playing it upon waking or going to bed, or both.  You don’t even have to use headphones, just put it on from YouTube and go about your day.  (I’ll soon post some good hypnosis info from Joe Vitale, and some alpha brain wave state info from Silva Method).  Thanks to Jody Whiteley for this fantastic video.

Here’s a favorite of mine, that seems to cover all the bases I want, abundance, mood, self esteem, confidence, etc…see the description for more info.  I have a long history of using hypnosis, beginning with relaxation in my early 20’s, and then birthing my children, and now, to achieve the clear mental state that allows the best “flow” for the creation of the life I desire.  I hope you will try it and stick with it for a month or two and notice the difference in your life; you will change, you will notice better things, more love and more good in your life.  Pass it onto someone else then!

It’s the simple things that matter!  Much love and many blessings from Jen C., the LOA Coach.