LOA Acne or Clear Skin

I am so lucky, I have had this little thing some people call acne, and I’ve decided that I’m going to love my skin no matter what.  I do have a choice, to have acne or to have clear skin.  I have progressively, and naturally figured out that when I’m in a good mood and love my skin, I get clearer skin immediately afterwards.  I keep playing around with it, with hormones and mood issues, and I am fully convinced that using LOA to clear up my skin is effective.  Manifesting Tip–keeping playing with your own statements, beliefs, and emotions, until your skin is improving, and make note of how LOA has matched you up with a great response from your body and be thankful for it!

So, the trick is to enjoy your body, in every way, keeping a strong desire to have clear skin, but loving yourself where you are at.  Know that it’s coming when the love is in the now.  Understand?  When you love and appreciate NOW, everything you want comes.

I got a pimple before my period came, but it was only ONE pimple this time.  And I’ve been pretty clear in general, and I am quite satisfied with the results.  I am satisfied!!  For once, I am satisfied instead of complaining about the conditions of my skin (life).  Wait a minute–me being satisfied is the key?  Wait, if I feel successful and happy regardless of my circumstances, my life will be good, AND my skin will clear up? YES!

I often use the affirmation from Louise Hay, “I love, accept, and approve of myself (and others)” and this remembering helps me immensely to just be who I am and not even worry or look at the conditions of my life so much.    And just being happy is way better than waiting to be happy, right?  So, I guess I’ll just enjoy my day and all my great qualities, not worry about my future, and find some fun…and I think it will find me!!

Having clear skin really is a matter of mind, staying positive, and realizing that the body is not the soul.  Your soul is so loved, you are so loved, and your life is so good.  So, I want you to really feel that in your own journey, because the joy is in the journey!  It’s all about that.