LOA and Animal Cruelty S998

Animal Cruelty is a hot topic now in NJ, as Governor Christie just vetoed Bill S998, which would have allowed gestating pigs to have some freedom of movement.  Here in NJ, this gestation crate issue is gaining some momentum because Christie is trying to gain favor from the Governor of Iowa, who strongly supports the pork industry.  The bill theoretically would save pigs from an inhumane lifetime locked into a crate, but these crates aren’t actually used here.  So, the bill would just continue to make sure that the crates WON’T EVER be used, or brought back.

This symbolic gesture would help pigs, but at the same time, us animal rights activists also have to balance ourselves, and know that there are other solutions.  Solutions that will be coming shortly, because over 90% of NJ wanted the crates gone.

The reason why I write this article is to bring up important points about all sides of this situation. And, mostly because I want to get some positive momentum going that will allow the animals freedom while they are alive.  Some humans see these pigs as so important that they have rights, and some aren’t moved to help animals in any situation.  My goal is to write about the LOA (law of attraction) and animal cruelty, and give some tips to live a better and happier life, no matter what side of the animal rights issue you are on. More