LOA and Divorce or Fixing Your Marriage?

Abraham says that divorce would never happen if the person was in the vortex! So, why does anyone ever really get divorced? Let’s explore the real reasons! I’m going to discuss how to get happy within your marriage so that you can avoid a divorce to begin with, or get happy and get out of your marriage, so that you can really enjoy your life.

Years ago, I created the Real-Divorce.com site about uncontested divorce to show others how to get divorced peacefully, or amicably, if that is at all possible, so, I am not holding back when I say that the reason anyone ever gets divorced is simply a combination of:

  • the person isn’t happy and also thinks it’s up to his/her partner to create the happiness he/she wants,
  • the person doesn’t accept him/herself,
  • the person finds fault with or blames the partner or others for his/her problems.

Comment below if you agree or disagree with this, but I believe that when a person isn’t happy, and thinks the partner has to do things for him/her, (which most people do if you pay attention), it is an extremely manipulative way of thinking and living.  In fact, it is detrimental to relationships!  Examples of this include: More


Law of Attraction and Acne

I would bet many people use the law of attraction to clear up acne, and I’d like to offer my unique perspective on this topic.  I had acne for 32 years, and have finally found the way to have clear skin (notice I didn’t say “acne” there!) on a regular basis.

It took a full year for me to manifest completely clear skin, because it took time to get my thoughts fully positive (and REALLY start practicing self-love) without often thinking that my skin looked bad, that it hurt, that I didn’t like it, let alone the feelings of itchiness or soreness that goes along with having acne.  One of the MAIN tricks was to get my mind on other topics that are fun and that I liked, stuff that makes me happy.  It is a process to get the clear skin, usually not an overnight event.

Doing these two things, offering little/no resistance about acne, AND just being generally positive about myself (any aspect of myself) and about life, was the right combination to bring me the clear and easy skin I was wanting.  It was okay that I’d lived with acne for so many years.  I forgave myself because I didn’t know that I had the control I have now.  I looked forward to running my fingers over my face when I washed it and feeling smooth skin.  I felt eager to take a shower to feel smooth skin, and I knew I could find clear patches of skin more on my body more than my face.

I looked forward to any opportunity to praise the good in my skin:  the softness, the color, the warmth, the smoothness, how my children want to snuggle with me, and how my husband gives me big hugs and happily feels my skin.  I love the feeling of getting into my bed and feeling the coolness of the satiny sheets, and putting on lovely clothes that fit me well and compliment me.  I love the feeling of looking great, thinking that my smile was so much more telling of who I was.  I loved knowing that since this is all temporary, I will be manifesting clear and beautiful skin soon, and keeping it that way.

As time and changes came, I’ve milked the compliments also, relishing how much better I started looking, because INSIDE, I was feeling better and more confident.

I had to take care of the resistance, or the negative thoughts I had about acne, by remembering that my body knows how to heal itself, and that this acne is only temporary.  What is lasting is my beautiful opinion of myself.  My self-worth is something that should never change, and like faith, it should be unwaivering.  My opinion IS always changing, but, into more and more good about myself.  I don’t have time for any thoughts on fear or doubt, but instead I pre-pave my day by remembering the good in myself, the support I am given, the nice things I do for others, and how all these things make me feel—amazingly powerful, loved and loving, and passionate about all I am doing.  Peace has been another key component here–the more peace I felt, the easier my life became, and the more ease I felt, the more peaceful I became.

The law of attraction just says that what you think about is what you become.  So, thinking the positive things (substituting the positive for the looking at what is type negative thoughts) allowed me to become more positive.  Good things, love, peace, appreciation, ease, fun, clarity, were the ways I got there.  Just thinking about wanting to have more of those feelings often helped me to manifest clear skin consistently, and especially every time I had a stressful moment.  True, it’s great to have clear skin, but what about when I am hit with a new bout of acne?  I already know that by focusing my mind in such a way that I only think about what I want, the acne goes away VERY quickly, and all symptoms were less than what they’d been for the decades before I practiced LOA.

And, like the Silva Method teaches, I would also affirm that “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better” often.  See my positive affirmations and acne article as well for more easy tips on clearing up acne.

With the law of attraction, remember that “out of sight, out of mind” works especially well for acne, as you can easily cover up skin that has a blemish until it is gone, and it’s less likely to irritate you in the process.  Getting rid of the mirrors also works well, because you may be less likely to check the progress so often.  I always found that when I went on vacation (because I was camping there was little time in a bathroom with a mirror!), my skin healed well.  I was feeling great AND offering little resistance, so again, that combination is the key to your best skin, regardless of how “bad” you think your acne is now—follow these simple and easy law of attraction tips and you will be amazed at your results.

Share now so that others can also learn this easy technique!

Much love and blessings!

Manifesting Your Desires Using LOA

Telling the Universe exactly what you want, in a clear and concise way, is such an important step in manifesting your desires using LOA, or the law of attraction.  If you had every single thing you wanted, and also knew without question, that you could easily manifest any future things you wanted, you wouldn’t want anyone else’s help or opinions about life, but I would suppose that there are a few areas of your life that you do want improvement in?

So, let me start by saying that only your own opinion does matter, and that you should only look within yourself for the answers you are seeking.  And, that focusing on the areas of your life that you want to see a change can be good, IF you can focus your thoughts into feeling like the results you actually want…for example, if you want to have more money flowing, you would picture yourself with more money and create an image of you actually having it.  Each time you envision this, you are allowing the money to flow more easily as long as you are also not creating resistance to money.  Over time, you practice this higher vibration, and develop ways to be ever more free about money, realizing that life was meant to be easy and fun (not a struggle at all, so if you feel that money IS a struggle, it won’t come easily to you).  My favorite money games are the Abraham-Hicks processes in Ask and It is Given. The first game is spending $100 over and over all day until you’ve spend it many times, in essence, spending many hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars.  You realize that “I could buy that if I wanted to” over and over again.  Creates a major consciousness shift.

Louise Hay writes in her book, You Can Heal Your Life, that when bills come, welcome them.  Send love to your mailbox and affirm that your mailbox only brings you love notes and wealth.  When the bill comes, if you are thankful that you have the ability to pay, because someone has trusted you to do so, you will be able to pay it.  So, do it with love and appreciation for the money you DO have.

If you want more love in your life, start with yourself…are you loving yourself?  When you say, “I want a great relationship,” it won’t come if you don’t feel great about yourself.  You get what you ARE right back.  The person you are attracted to is going to be an exact match to your point of attraction.  If you are in a relationship or married, think about where you were at when you attracted this person into your life.  I wonder if you can think back to the things that were so amazing and good about your partner, and focus on those things, in order to bring your relationship to a better status.  What you praise increases, and this law is called the Law of Increase.  Whatever you are focused on–good or bad–is what you will get more of.  Just look at some real life examples and you’ll understand if this is true!

The main idea though, is to find that really happy and joyous place and exist there all the time.  Before you make major decisions, before you get in an argument, before you choose a new job or a new home, or a new car, get in the vortex and be happy.  When you are happy on purpose, you will be inspired to action; this action is the action that will bring you lasting good.  Before you eat or drink, get in the vortex, and you will be guided towards what is right for you for your best health.  Get happy and follow your bliss in every topic you care about.

Over time, if you choose to get into the vortex, you will certainly feel better about every topic.  The more you relax, allow your goodness to flow, and choose your focus on anything you want (by praising it), you are inviting every good thing you want.  You don’t need to be super specific, either.  Be general on any topic that has some resistance within it.  Don’t activate the resistance, instead, just leave that topic out of the picture, and focus on the big picture, which is usually very good.

What is in your heart?  What inspires you most?  What do you really feel the need to do in this lifetime that you just can’t give up on?  What kinds of people DO you really want to be surrounded by?

Don’t worry about HOW!  Leave HOW completely out of it!  Just feel good (think about nature, think about good friends and family, think about wonderful moments you’ve had, think about fun you’ve had, think about things you want to do, as long as it doesn’t bring up a feeling of lacking it now).

  • “Get into the vortex, and then” is what Esther Hicks always says…
  • See what you are inspired to.
  • Act only on those good feeling things.
  • Give yourself 30 days to feel good about yourself using “I AM” statements.
  • Stop complaining about everything in your life.
  • Stop managing anyone else’s life, but do guide your own thoughts into good statements in some way.
  • Study your results at the beginning of each month, and adjust to get happier.

You WILL get the hang of this, and I believe in you!

Much love!




Law of Attraction and Forgiveness

I have been taking a lot of time lately to think about this process of using the law of attraction and forgiveness.  Using the LOA, I am incorporating forgiveness into my life with relative ease.  Years past, this never would have happened!  And, now that I’m older, wiser, and more loving, I am enjoying this amazing process to just feel good, regardless of my past with certain people or situations.

Have you ever known that someone has done you wrong and dwell on it, solely thinking about how the other person has so many faults?  I have.  I know this is the kind of mindset that will literally kill a person.  Feeling blame, having guilt, wishing to have done things differently and not appreciating yourself, getting angry, frustrated, resentful all the time…these are the negative emotions–life suckers–that grate on a person over time.  Instead of ever resolving a situation or coming to a positive understanding after a conflict, and if  focused on the negativity, you will NEVER get out. More