Topics and Sitemap

This is an LOA Directory of topics of interest to you (many on this website but on my other LOA sites as well), about Self, Happiness, Family, Relationships, Work, Money, Health, and lots of other juicy areas of life where you can learn to manifest more, better, longer, faster, or of course you can relax and take it easy!

For the fast track to LOA, please call me at 848-232-8392 for a free consult. I am thrilled to offer phone coaching for the law of attraction now.

My classes, Reiki, and Women’s Sacred Circle offerings, in Brick NJ


Self Love


Manifesting Tips





Finding a new mate

Rekindling an old flame







Abraham Processes

  • Finding the Feeling Place of Satisfaction and Relief
  • The Rampage of Appreciation, Process #1
  • The Creative Workshop, Process #2
  • Magical Creation Box, Process #3
  • Virtual Reality, Process #4
  • The Prosperity Game, Process #5
  • Meditation, Process #6
  • Evaluating Dreams, Process #7
  • Book of positive Aspects, Process #8
  • Scripting, Process #9
  • Placemat Process, Process #10
  • Segment Intending, Process #11
  • Wouldn’t It Be nice If?, Process #12
  • Which Thought Feels Better?, Process #13

Thanks for your support, much love and many blessings, Jen C, the LOA Life Coach






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