Peaceful and Positive Parenting using LOA and Affirmations

Beyond Positive Affirmations

How do you know if you are the peaceful, positive parent you wish to be?  Do you actively use the law of attraction or affirmations for yourself, your relationships, and your parenting? It’s easy to say that, “I’m a good parent,” but without real introspection, a really terrific parent might feel like he’s is terrible or a really horrible abusive parent might think he/she is getting by alright.

Unfortunately, many people don’t realize how parenting is undervalued in society, so people don’t take the time to look at what life is really like for parents of small children, instead focusing on how hard it is when they are teens, and complaining about kids being disconnected from adults or being too entitled.  What parents need is a consistent stream of praise for themselves!  But guess what? No one can really give it to them, unless they cultivate it within.  Know that…

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