Relating to someone who is lacking abundance homelessness sickness

I have an interest in relating to someone who is lacking abundance, because I always meet people who are sick or poor or miserable in this wonderful world.  I sometimes wish to get involved in a group action like a fundraiser, volunteering, or just being part of the activism or advocacy needed to help people get ahead.

I love this topic because, although there is a lot of controversy about “how” to get people to learn about abundance, there is always a way to reach people.  I am at ease because I know that all beings will eventually “get it” so I am not at all concerned about when.

What I am concerned about is…Is anybody out there teaching this Law of Attraction for the Homeless or the Sick?  I sure would love to!  I have 15 classes donated and I would be happy to offer a life coaching class, or a series of classes, to any advocates or homeless in our local area to teach this subject of learning abundance and prosperity with the right mindset. (If you get in touch in the comments, I’ll connect with you about it).

Have you ever felt like just giving money never really fixed the problems you wanted to fix when you donated the money? Find out WHY!

Here’s an Abraham-Hicks video on why it doesn’t really help to give money (helps only temporarily), rather than help the person get aligned with their true self using clarity and prosperity and abundance and the higher emotions.  I also love this video because it shows the advocates for homeless people HOW to think about the situation.  The key is to NOT think like a homeless person and relate to them, but rather to see the person as God would see them, as whole, as evolving, as abundant already.

Sympathy or empathy have been the buzzwords for decades, but rarely do you hear anybody talking about something beyond empathy…WOW!  There are emotions that are better than empathy…better than meeting the person where they are at (which lowers you).  Yes, it makes sense to raise them up to your higher vibration when you view them as abundant! That makes way more sense, yes?

I would love to hear your comments if you changed your thinking and then “found” more abundance as well, do tell!  Much love and prosperity for all!