Source is always looking through our eyes!  Listen to this great talk on how to switch from getting a manifestation to finding the feeling place OF the manifestation.  VERY important to FEEL your way to the emotional validation you are seeking!  I am having a very smooth, fun day with my kids, and I know it’s because I have focused in this way and can do it anytime.  Things keep lining up…like today, we took off to the beach, and literally dozens of ladybugs were landing on us, flying around us, flying by.

Letting go of conditions is an amazing feeling…unconditional clarity and alignment feels so nice, and I want you to have that as well.  Listen and learn!  It only takes a minute here and a minute there to feel your way to the alignment you want, then it gets easier, happens more frequently, and then keeps repeating the cycle.  Once you ar ein the cycle, “knowing” that all is well, then life gets really beautiful, because then everything you see is really beautiful, and you won’t find any fault with anyone or anything!  It is wonderful to live life without asking or demanding others to change–just letting them be themselves while you build your own personal power up.  That’s all.  Now, go do it!

Thanks to Dewdrop and Much love from Jen C., the LOA Coach


Finding the Feeling Place of Satisfaction and Relief

I’ve heard Esther Hicks say that the feeling of satisfaction is a lot like relief.  Feeling satisfied is so extremely important, it means we really like ourselves, and are happy in our current moment.  It means right now is good, and we aren’t looking ahead to the next moment or worrying about the past.  Satisfaction feels good.

What is the feeling place of satisfaction and relief for you?  Is it:

  • Doing well on a task and celebrating it?
  • Getting something done joyfully–like all your cleaning–and being satisfied with your work and your self?
  • Realizing that you handled a difficult situation well–with ease or patience or kindness?
  • Knowing that so many things are lining up for you–and you created them?
  • Believing in yourself and your own abilities?
  • Feeling like you are so good–just because you are, or because of your performance?
  • Just feeling good where you are at, right now?

If these are the kinds of things that make you feel satisfied, then you are well on your way to being more happy with yourself.  You must have a strong current of self talk that uplifts you, and having satisfaction is an easy way to keep in a higher vibration.  Enjoy who you are, reach for feelings of satisfaction and relief, and watch what happens!  Try to find the feeling place of satisfaction more often, ask for it, and you will be given it.

Much love!  See my monthly calendar here!

Abraham Process of Clearing Clutter for Mental Clarity

I love having that 15 minutes once in a while when I can clear away some clutter for my own mental clarity.  This process is in the book, Ask and It Is Given, by Esther and Jerry Hicks, and is one of the many pieces of the Teachings of Abraham. I like doing this at least once a week, to just clean up one area of the house.  I guess it’s good Feng Shui, but it’s way more than that.

The idea of clearing clutter is so important because if there is stuff that is unfinished, like piles of papers that need filing or just throwing out, or items that need mending, or stuff that is collecting dust:  unused when someone else could make use of them, or you are afraid to get rid of them…

You have heard how if you haven’t used an item in two years to get rid of it.  There is the garbage, but what about spreading your fortune to others?  Freecycle to someone who is looking for those items, or give them to someone who may need them.  I love giving my used items away, and always feel better when I know someone else will benefit from my abundance.  There are lots of items I could sell, and once in a while I do, but most of them, I just donate.

You’ll feel better every time.

When you clear away the clutter, your mind is so much lighter, and more free and easy.  You know your space has been cleared, and so your mind responds to this as well.  Your mind makes way for the good to come, but you must establish a space and a sign that you are ready for it.

What are you willing to give up (sacrifice?) in order to achieve something you really do want?

Are you willing to give up something that will get you clear and on a path to success?  What about clearing a space within yourself of negative thoughts, so that you can have a space for positive ones?

What about manifesting items you want, like a new car or an addition for your home?

For me, I’ve recently given up drinking coffee, even though it was decaf.  I wanted the time freedom from being tied to making it and drinking it.  Although I do love coffee, I realized that it was holding me back from other things I wanted more, which was having fun time with my kids in the morning.  My coffee pot went upstairs in my attic, and will only resurface when we have company.  I get a clear counter, and a clear mind in the morning and throughout the day.  I like this feeling much more.  I want the clarity to stay in the moment and be a fun person.

When you tell the Universe, “Yes, I’m ready for my Highest Good”  that also includes the physical stuff you want.  And that stuff will come using a variety of ways to expand your mind and consciousness.  Have you found that clearing clutter was helpful to you, and did you feel an energetic shift after you cleaned up?  Tell us about it!

Happy manifesting and much love!  Jen C.

There is a Mental Game that People with Cancer have to get right

There is a Mental Game that People with Cancer have to get right.  Long article, but it’s the path to well being.

It may or may not be easy to recover from cancer, but that depends on your Beliefs, Expectations, and Desires.  (I fully believe and support the work of Abraham-Hicks and offer this information based on using those teachings.  You can use the search box on their site to research more of these ideas on your own.)

Wouldn’t you think that the path of least resistance would be the path to wellness if a person would like to heal and get better from having cancer or a long term or chronic illness?  (Rather than the live terribly ill and take all these meds, which might kill you or give you all these symptoms and side effects you don’t want?)

What if the path was easy?  Would you take it, or would you think someone is trying to get over on you?  What if the path was natural, easy, and even made good feelings soar? More

Creative Visualization Gone Wrong

How many times have you told yourself that you want something one specific way, and you visualized all the details, even consciously trying to create the “right” atmosphere in your mind, and then have something completely different manifest?

I know when I completed my MA, I was a special ed teacher and looking to move into a school guidance position.  Yet, when I visualized what I wanted, which was a good paying job that would realize my worth, I “knew” that I was coming in as a new counselor with zero experience, and I let it affect my worth…and I took a paycut to accept the job, which was also subpar. I soon left that job for another, and gaining in confidence, moved $10,000 up the pay scale AND found an amazingly good work environment on all levels, literally the perfect job.

Has that ever happened to you?  Or something similar?  Until I got it right in my mind, I couldn’t have what I wanted physically yet, it couldn’t manifest until I knew I was it. More

Does the Law of Attraction Work and Some Abraham Processes

Have you been wondering, “Does the law of attraction work?”  I meet many people who say it does, and many that do not.

Life has many flavors, colors, feelings, senses, and we are all exposed to various people and situations that shape us into the beings we become. It is never our circumstance itself, but how we view the “hand we are dealt” that determines how we think about ourselves and life.

The law of attraction is what sets up this process of deciding what we like and don’t like, and then as we focus our attention (even the newborn baby will believe it will be cared for–or not) we map out our “emotional set points” for our future lives, and therefore, our happiness.

Sounds crazy, right?

The cool thing is the the law says that if we focus our attention and generally believe that good things will happen, then they will (like an expectation), and that if we believe negative things will happen, then they will.  This article will explain the camps of thought about LOA, and how to use it should you like to test it out for yourself…that is the easy part, so relax into it! More