What Source Thinks and The Path of Least Resistance

I just watched this game-changing video about what Source thinks and the path of least resistance, as told by Abraham-Hicks. I have been thinking that I have eliminated so many limiting beliefs, so I’ve been wondering why certain things haven’t been moving forward with more positive momentum…and I knew deep down that I still have some resistance.  This video cleared it up for me!  Thank you to Dewdrop for always making amazingly beautiful videos!

Source Energy is always loving us, even when we are looking at ourselves or situations with negative energy, AND THEREFORE, we can remind ourselves that the problem is solved, the only thing we need to do is await the good things we want–Happily.  The path of least resistance is important for all of us, and we can just relax and allow it to flow.  Part of managing resistance is just “knowing” that everything is working out, that Source is flowing the creative components we want, and that the world is really supporting us, not working against us or punishing us.

I love how true it is that if we only stopped thinking negative things about ourselves, all the good we want would come to us. And that is my wish for all beings, learn more about LOA programs that are right for you.

Much love and many blessings from Jen C., the LOA Coach


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