LOA Appreciation and Thankfulness Project 30 Days

I hope you are enjoying some blessings in your life, and that my LOA Appreciation and Thankfulness Project can help support you in finding those blessings.  Try being thankful for 30 days, and see the positive things that will happen!

You probably wonder what writing a thank you note can do for you?

I thought that also, and questioned the process…but then I started doing it, and found that I felt good while I focused on the good of others, that I felt supported in some way (in order for me to want to say “thank you”), and that I had a knowledge that when we are appreciating, that others will appreciate someone else, and create that kindness in many areas of life.

Just take 5 minutes every day and write one thank you note to someone you believe has helped you.  Feel the appreciation, thankfulness, and gratitude flowing from you and touching the other person.  Understand that thoughts and feelings travel through time and space–and visit the person you are thinking of.  The timing of your thankfulness doesn’t matter, you can thank someone who did something for you a long time ago, or even someone who you aren’t friendly with any longer.  Or, maybe it’s your standard, thank you for the birthday gift kind of thank you note.  It doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you feel appreciation in the now.

The 30 Day Thankfulness and Appreciation Project means you write one note a day for 30 days and then evaluate how you feel.  You may like to read the 365 Thank Yous by John Kralik, where he writes how he was failing as a lawyer and father, and then completely turned his life around, shaping every relationship into one of appreciation.  It’s beautiful and simple and much needed today.  Us LOA inspired people love the 30 day projects, as they are also–you do them, you feel good, and then at the end of the month, you decide if you want to do it again, and again.

So, please share how this project is helping you!  Have you begun noticing your blessings more now?  Are you more kind or considerate than a few weeks ago?  Are you stopping to smell the roses?  Are good people finding you exactly when you needed them?  Is your intuition picking up?  Are you manifesting good feelings?  Share your stories here!


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