Feel Good Now using LOA

Feel Good Now using LOA! LOA is a constant reminder that you are the magnet, the channel, the receptor.

How you feel is what you are attracting. Let’s make today a day full of curiosity, of wonder, of magnetizing the answers we need.

A nice, soft tone to speak to the Universe, to self, to others. Universe likes soft. And you don’t need to yell or repeat yourself.

The best you can do is surrender and Know that Source is taking care of everything (using LOA to connect each piece to you).

And your only job is to relax, think about your preferences in a neutral or happy way, appreciate all that is coming to you without cursing what you now view as negative. The neutral place helps so much. For stability, for security.

If you want to manifest anything, like better relationships, more money, certain stuff, then feeling good is how you get there.

Feeling good is the reason, not what you get at the end! It’s the whole process and journey that makes life fun, not just the view from the summit.

Abraham always says that Life is supposed to be fun. If you aren’t getting what you really want yet, I’m here for free consults​.

In just these few minutes, I can read your energy, and give you some LOA info to help. Working together through phone coaching is easy and convenient.

Call or text me at 848-232-8392 to set up a time to discuss your energy, EST.

There is almost always a mixture of emotions that you go to, some help and others don’t. I can help with being clear about increasing the better emotions, and decreasing the negativity.

I’m a big advocate for learning the process then just checking in with me occasionally. Coaching is simple help from a trusted observer…one with great Intuition!

So let’s get you feeling new emotions and loving your life so your life can be fun again!

Love, Jen C., The LOA Life Coach


Shadow Work or LOA

Did you ever wonder how effective Shadow Work by Carl Jung is?  When I was in college, I learned about Carl Jung and felt a strange belief, an alignment with him and what he delved into.

However, I always had issues with psychology in general because it was fixated on finding something wrong with people!  So, I found issues with all of psychology, and thought there was more to it, that people were far more than one little part of their lives, or any observable behavior.

Shadow work involves looking at fears, the parts of you that you didn’t or weren’t able to observe, to shed light on them and to actually gain strength and understanding.

Yet, my experience was the opposite!  Every time I looked hard at what I feared, I created more of that!  So the Law of Attraction is always at work…

The Law of Attraction says that whatever you focus on you create, and it’s true no matter how good the intention is.  If the focus is fear, weakness, and problems, guess what I was creating more of?

(See the rest of this blog and my newer one at www.sourcehearsyes.com for more info on using your own intuition about what to do.)

I’ve met a lot of people through my work as a teacher, guidance counselor, and LOA Life Coach that really think they have to “work through” and struggle with their past in order to figure it out.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Sometimes we just can’t see or believe for a while, even if someone is pointing it out.  We like to stay and complain for a while, often for decades about the same problem, rather than truly shining the light on it or ourselves.  Shining the light feels like forgiveness and freedom, it feels like choice, it feels like movement into something new.  That is why I love Abraham, to always guide me towards what is good for me.

BUT I can only reach so far with LOA, so the changes need to be gradual.

I finally heard an Abraham-Hicks video on this exact topic, but have known that we can’t feel good looking at our problems!  I’ve always felt more comfortable looking at what is right, at our strengths, at our gifts.  I hope you enjoy this LOA gem, and remember to keep moving forward in positive momentum toward your joys.  Stay in the light, don’t keep looking at the dark!

I became a life coach because I believe in the goodness of people, that they deserve to feel great.  If you are ready to focus yourself into your greatness, text or call me for a free 15 minute consult at 848-232-8392.