Let’s use the Law of Attraction  to have Better Relationships!

Of course, we all want better relationships, but is it really that easy to “create” better times with friends and family, when they’ve always let you down or they don’t behave the way you’d wish?

Or maybe, you are alone and wish to have more people around you, a bigger family, a new love or partner?  Maybe you are getting divorced, separated, or trying to save your marriage?  Losing someone close to you, through a move or death?

Roles are changing?  At home or at work?

Do you have spouses, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, in-laws, neighbors, bosses, employees, coworkers, children, grandchildren, step-family?

Some relationships are going well and they stay that way…thank God for that!

Yet others just seem sour, or bitter, even competitive or just plain boring.

You can go through life kind of getting by, but if you aren’t proactively creating the life of your dreams, you are creating something…but what?

One thing I know for certain, is if you don’t have great relationships with those that you love, trusting people, stable relationships, and fun with each of them, you have some grid work to do using the LOA!  With just a few minutes a day, you can create major shifts in your life, as long as you leave “them” out of it, and remember it’s about you and your views, and the story you are telling about them and you.

Yes, just a few minutes is all it takes to gradually change your current views, which are old news anyway, to a better view, a more truthful view, one that is more aligned with Source Energy.

You can practice any of the Abraham Processes, like using The Book of Positive Aspects, to write about each person in your life and create some positive momentum about them.  This article is more about parents writing about their children in order to create positive feelings about them before it actually manifests, but it will help you understand how and why you should start doing the Book of Positive Aspects ASAP for anyone who is tripping you up!

You could write thank you notes often for the things you feel appreciation for.

Appreciation is an easy way to get into a better mood, and when you are in a better mood, things shift!

I love to use the Abraham-Hicks Meditation Series, but especially the one about Relationships.  Every word is like music to the ears, as you listen you will hear it as well, that there is such truth.  And therefore, it’s far easier to let go of past burdens from family and current realities that aren’t serving you.  Far easier to Forgive and allow yourself to be happy.

You see, Better Relationships using the Law of Attraction is more about YOU becoming happier with YOU.  You must release all others of the burden of having to please you, and then you can be pleased with yourself.  Completely free.  Full of compassion and a loving heart.

When you come into relationships with a happy and joyful place, and you meet up with the ones you love, you are more likely to stay happy…because you are ALREADY that.  It’s not and never was their job to do anything for you!  If we are creating our own realities then we have to accept if our relationships are good or bad, it’s still our doing!

Much Love and Many Blessings from Jen C, the LOA Life Coach, 848-232-8392

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