LOA Discussion Groups in Ocean and Monmouth County NJ

This is my in person schedule for Central NJ, usually Ocean and Monmouth County NJ locations.  I hope you will join me in wellness.  These groups and movies offer a way to connect with other people on a spiritual path and get the support you want for the love, healing, and wellness you deserve.  Private coaching is also available.  Movies to be shown on occasion as well.

Groups/TBA for February, 2015:

Sat., February 7–Intro to Law of Attraction Group at Steffi’s in Jackson, NJ.  12-1:30 pm.  $10 fee for the group.  Tea and light refreshments served.  Practice using LOA, rampage, and using Processes.

Sun., February 15–Movie and Discussion Group Dawn’s in Belmar, NJ. 12-2:30 pm.  The Power of the Heart movie showing, and then a guided discussion afterwards.  Movie is free, $15 fee for the group.  Tea and light refreshments served.  Keeping the heart open, using love and forgiveness.  Learning to clear the mind’s clutter to reveal your natural intuition and fun synchronicities.

Sat., February 28, 2015–Health and Empowerment Group in my home in Brick, NJ.  12-1:30 pm.  Make your New Year’s resolutions come true this year, and change beliefs around health before you change what you eat. Use LOA and create the right mindset for total health, healing, and wellness. Rampage and Visualization.  Repeats every 4th Saturday. $10 fee for the group.  Tea and light refreshments served.

More movie showings, meditations, discussion groups, to be added soon.


There is a Mental Game that People with Cancer have to get right

There is a Mental Game that People with Cancer have to get right.  Long article, but it’s the path to well being.

It may or may not be easy to recover from cancer, but that depends on your Beliefs, Expectations, and Desires.  (I fully believe and support the work of Abraham-Hicks and offer this information based on using those teachings.  You can use the search box on their site to research more of these ideas on your own.)

Wouldn’t you think that the path of least resistance would be the path to wellness if a person would like to heal and get better from having cancer or a long term or chronic illness?  (Rather than the live terribly ill and take all these meds, which might kill you or give you all these symptoms and side effects you don’t want?)

What if the path was easy?  Would you take it, or would you think someone is trying to get over on you?  What if the path was natural, easy, and even made good feelings soar? More