Abraham-Hicks Acne Liver Cleanse Gallbladder

Hey Abraham-Hicks peeps, Just wanted to share a wonderful thing that has happened to me recently…

You probably already know that having pain or health issues always begins in the mind and only later can manifest in the body with a health problem.  Well for me, I had struggled with Acne since I was nine years old, and then gallstone attacks after my third child was born.  So, I cleansed my liver and gallstones using The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush (by Andreas Moritz)…and it took twelve, I repeat, 12 flushes for me to remove all of my stones.

I did the maintenance flushes once or twice a year after that until…all of a sudden (with the stress of dealing with a family member’s illness) so over a period of months, my gallbladder symptoms were back and worse (feeling it in my back and having pain 24 hours a day).  Well, I did get it checked by a real doctor, and the ultrasound said I was clear of stones…What a big relief!  After understanding my symptoms better, another doctor helped me to realize, my gallbladder was spasming.

At this point, most people would go and have their gallbladders removed (even getting the tests involve injecting radioactive dye into the body, something I would never do) because of the pain.  So, I was on my own using the LOA to find a solution to what my body needed.  And I was ready to give up and really listen.

Since January of this year, I started taking iodine, and I was also self diagnosing a sluggish thyroid.  I read that taking selenium with the iodine was beneficial, so I was making sure I took a small amount.  As the pain in my gallbladder got worse, I began a liquid diet, low in fat so that my gallbladder wouldn’t act up, mostly herbal teas with honey.  Eventually I came to a wonderful epiphany when a customer at the health food store where I work bought a liver cleanse.

I read the main ingredient, selenium 200 mcg.  And then I realized…I needed more selenium.  So, I went over and bought the last liver cleanse on the shelf, and then took even more selenium (being careful not to go over 900 mcg, which is likely the upper limit).  Stayed in the vortex often, knowing that help was on the way and that I was feeling so much relief.

This is the best and most amazing part!  Not only did the selenium make my gallbladder finally stop spasming, but it also is helping to clear up my acne which I’ve blogged about here before.  With only a few days of using higher amounts of selenium, my acne is barely there.  Cysts that would plague me for months are nearly completely gone.

This is definitely a big breakthrough for me, and I’ve always been a little camera shy…but with my face clearing up, I guess I’m ready for some videos for this site!

I had heard that the skin is where toxins can come out when the body doesn’t know how to get rid of them, and that acne is different for everyone.  For some, it’s hormonal (and I thought mine was)…for others maybe not.  Either way, I think it’s worth it to ask your body!  Trace minerals like selenium are cheap and easy to supplement with.  Just eating a few brazil nuts a day may even be enough selenium to cleanse with.

(There are other ingredients in the various liver cleanses out there, mine had milk thistle, dandelion, NAC, choline, and more).

So, if you are struggling with acne and want to clear up your acne using the law of attraction, or if you have gallbladder and liver issues, it might be a great idea to try selenium if you are deficient.

Lotsa love from Jen C., the LOA Life Coach

PS, I’m not a doctor, I’m just blogging about my own experience.  If you’d like to get some clarity on your health, mindset, or money issues, get in touch for a consult at 848-232-8392!


Poop Alert The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush by Andreas Moritz

Be forewarned, this post is a poop alert about The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush by Andreas Moritz (RIP)!  Just kidding, but I have done this flush over a dozen times, and if you have a serious health issue or type 1 diabetes, I’ll explain why you should also.

There is lots of info online about Liver and Gallbladder flushes, and about Andreas Moritz, but pay no mind!  This flush is a complete way to cleanse the stones out of your liver and gallbladder, AND do a colon cleanse simultaneously.  I heard about it after a friend had her gallbladder removed, because the allopathic doctors told her there was no other way.  So, when I started having gallbladder attacks, I thoroughly researched the natural ways to cleanse my body.  This was the conclusion I came to, and IT WORKED, so well, that my liver and gallbladder work remarkably well now.  I can even feel stones passing through the ducts now when I do get one.  Only now it doesn’t hurt!

My experience was that I wanted to cleanse and detox, but the added benefit was that any anger I’d had in my life also dissipated (so many cultures believe that anger lies in the liver!).  Over the course of my flushes–12 in all over 8 months–I pooped out thousands of stones each time, totaling over 20,000 liver and gallbladder stones, I’m sure.

So, go to his site to get more info on the actual flush, but the basics are:

1.  Take one Malic Acid capsule every day for 6 days. (Sunday-Friday mornings).  Malic Acid softens the stones.

2.  On Friday morning, eat oatmeal with no fat.  You eat no fat to build up the amount of bile that will push the stones out later, so don’t screw this up!

3.  On Friday afternoon, eat rice with no fats, around 2 pm.

4.  On Friday night, at 6 pm, take one dose of Epsom Salt (now this is what you will thank me for–buy veggie capsules and put the disgusting tasting salts in the capsules–about 30 per dose of size 0 or 00 to fit about 1 Tablespoon of salts per dose), then you won’t have to taste it.  The Epsom Salt relaxes the ducts for the stones to pass without pain, and also is a laxative so everything gets out quickly.

5.  At 8 pm, take another dose of Epsom Salt, about 30 capsules again.

6.  At 10 pm, take the olive oil and grapefruit juice mixture.  Then hurry up and lie down immediately, slightly to your left side but flat.  You may feel the stones trickling out of the ducts.  STAY THERE for as long as you can, and just try to go to sleep.

7.  In the morning, 6 am, take another dose of Epsom Salt, or double the dose, instead of taking the second dose at 8 am.

8.  Poop all day, at least until the early afternoon.  You will be so glad to get this stuff out of you.  You should drink a lot of water, because you’ll be losing a lot of it, you may or may not have an appetite, but it’s ok to eat after about 10 am onward.

If you saw a lot of floating stones, that look like peas, and lots of sludge, then you may need to do a few flushes, but you should space them out at least 2-3 weeks inbetween.  I needed to do 12 flushes before I was completely clear, and the bigger stones came out at the end.  I would also take a pro-biotic to replenish some good intestinal bacteria, and eat more veggie and fiber rich foods (as opposed to dense foods like bagels), to begin with.

Caution:  I am a normal person giving my experience with this, so you will need to get your own medical advice, although, as I mentioned, allopathic doctors aren’t always supportive of natural ways of doing things, in fact, they’d be out of a job if everyone went “natural”.  Got it?  As far as trouble shooting goes though, if you have pain, you may have a large stone passing through your ducts, and the easiest way to get it out is to take a little more Epsom Salt ASAP.  And, there is no substitute for reading The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush.

This is one of those strange things that just has to be done for a healthy functioning liver!  The liver is your largest detoxing organ, and you want it to work optimally.  We’re constantly exposed to toxins, so you have to get rid of them mostly through the liver, so it makes sense to support the liver, and thank it with love and appreciation for doing all of these things for us.  🙂  Once you are completely clear, then you can do this once a year.  I get all my info from Andreas Moritz’s book directly.

I also do the kidney cleanse, and have bought all the herbs for that, doing that once a year as well.

Your body will be so much happier and healthier because of this, and while your friends and family get older and sicker, you’ll be getting younger and healthier, and they will be wondering WHY, and then you can tell them.  That you decided to listen to your very knowledgeable body, and you were guided by spirit and inspiration to give your body what it really needs.

I am so happy and thankful you stopped by here today, and good luck to you as you begin this healing chapter of your life.

Many blessings from Jen C., the homeschooling mama and LOA Life Coach!