LOA Basic Certification and LOA Wealth Practitioner Certification

I am so excited that I completed my exams and it’s now official, I passed the LOA Basic Certification and LOA Wealth Practitioner Certification. It’s a relief, but I also feel very satisfied that I have such a great start in my new career. I will be available for individual appointments and group classes at The Reiki Way Learning Center in Brick, NJ.

The classes I am focusing on are Law of Attraction Basics (4 class series), Law of Attraction Wealth Building (4 class series), Intuitive Healing with Reiki, and individual Life Coaching for anyone.  I especially am interested in helping advocates of groups to do their best within their work environment, so that they can uplift as many more as possible.

Giving is a big part of my life, and it expands my personal power and reach daily.  Please give to anyone or any group you are inspired to help.  You will be helped tenfold.  My three favorite and local non-profit groups are The Reiki Way Learning Center in Brick, NJ, Land for the Homeless in Old Bridge, NJ, and Seer Farms (temporary animal shelter) in Jackson, NJ.  I am so thankful for this opportunity to serve others doing work I love.

My two LOA certifications were fun to do, and you can learn more about those here at http://myglobalsciencesfoundation.org/.

Much love and many blessings, from Jen C., the LOA Life Coach