Consciousness Deepak Chopra

Are you always looking for new insights about consciousness with Deepak Chopra?  He’s a favorite of mine, and I love this video of Deepak explaining the birth and death cycle as recycling, to a non-believer (Robert), and setting the record straight for anyone who wants to know.  We are all one, we are all part of the universe, we never truly die, we only change forms into infinity.

I knew that.  I didn’t need a Deepak to tell me that.  But if you don’t do spirituality or religion, that’s ok also.  I feel very deeply that this is the state of the world.  A lovely perfection that is always changing towards love.  Every cell asks for well being. Every being asks for well being.  And the universe goes on. This is why the state of being matters.  What do you want to be today, right now?

I AM peace, love, and lightness.  I am full, so full of good, that it is overflowing.  I am strong, brave, and bold.  I am pure, positive Source Energy, and I know my power.  I am a messenger to do good in the world, and I am so happy and thankful that I can.  I align with my Highest Self right now.

How about you?

Much love and many blessings, from Jen C., the LOA Coach

Here’s the video:


Challenging Teen Kids Push Your Buttons

I love being an LOA parent and coach, but my kids still do push my buttons from time to time…or daily.

I keep changing my perspective so that I see myself as an evolving being, so that no one is really right or wrong.  I want my kids to know the power they hold for themselves, so how can I best show them their power?  It’s certainly NOT in taking their power, freedom, favorite things away.  A very misaligned parent takes away from a child to show their power OVER the child.  An aligned parent stays in touch with Source and easily speaks with clarity and grace to her children without expectation that they must obey, for every being is free to decide his/her fate.

And them comes TEENS.  I now have a 13 year old daughter, who is brilliant, funny, and amazing in too many ways to tell you about.  I am glad I can see all the good in her, so when rough moments come, it’s easy to remember.  When a teen pushes your buttons, you need to have your own foundation, and that is within you…All is well, life is easy, every day in every way, I am getting better and better. (And it’s all true!)

You have your own strong foundation, your kids don’t push your buttons!  Get it?

So, here is a video, that gets better as it goes along as well.  The clarity and strength is exactly what I needed to hear about those moments when I’m thinking upstream thoughts, so I can turn them into downstream thoughts about self and having a good relationship with my teen.

Much love, and many blessings from Jen C., the LOA coach

Hypnosis Subliminals Binaural Beats Alpha Brain Wave State

Hey, there, have you done your hypnosis session today?  Hypnosis is such an easy way to plug into a relaxed state of being, just like using subliminals with binaural beats to get to the alpha brain wave state.

Curious?  This mellow, easy state of mind will become your go to feeling!  Watch your life get easier, better, smoother by playing it upon waking or going to bed, or both.  You don’t even have to use headphones, just put it on from YouTube and go about your day.  (I’ll soon post some good hypnosis info from Joe Vitale, and some alpha brain wave state info from Silva Method).  Thanks to Jody Whiteley for this fantastic video.

Here’s a favorite of mine, that seems to cover all the bases I want, abundance, mood, self esteem, confidence, etc…see the description for more info.  I have a long history of using hypnosis, beginning with relaxation in my early 20’s, and then birthing my children, and now, to achieve the clear mental state that allows the best “flow” for the creation of the life I desire.  I hope you will try it and stick with it for a month or two and notice the difference in your life; you will change, you will notice better things, more love and more good in your life.  Pass it onto someone else then!

It’s the simple things that matter!  Much love and many blessings from Jen C., the LOA Coach.

Bashar Excitement Passion Career Work

I am really getting to know Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka, and his message, so I’m sharing a little bit.

I have heard Abraham-Hicks explain this concept also, but this really hit home, that I should just keep on the trail of what is exciting.  I had a coaching session with Jeannette Maw from The Good Vibe Blog a while back, and she also told me to make a list of the things I typically do or think I have to do, and rate each thing on a scale of 1-10…then don’t do anything that is less than an 8!  The meaningless fillers will just fall away, it’s really true.

And then, if there are things you have to do, Jeannette said, to find value in them and stay positive while doing them. That’s it!

So, as I pave my new, fun road to my Highest Self, of course, I wanted to share how I am doing it.  The way this video describes the path of excitement about work, is to just find excitement in every area of life, and follow that excitement from thing to thing…and at last it will also show up in the area of “work”.  If we make joy and excitement and passion part of our daily lives, they will be present in all we do, and we will attract the work that has those qualities because we will BE those qualities already.  Make sense?

I’ll close with an Abe quote, “I am happy on my way to my perfect relationships.”  For me this is relationship with self, with Source, with others, with Nature, with Money, with Happiness, with Work, etc…Much love and many blessings from Jen C., the LOA Coach


I have been playing with Bashar and his message for quite some time, and it’s finally sinking in.  At first, I thought Bashar, or Darryl Anka who is channeling this entity, sounded CRAZY.  It is almost like he is yelling at us to “get it”.  He’s got these fitful stops and starts when speaking that kind of turned me off years ago.  A few friends have mentioned that he’s well worth getting to know though, so……I kept trying.  And the last time I listened, I started to think, “He’s actually funny.”  So, I’ve turned around my feelings so that I can actually get his messages.  I am ready, I guess.

I am finding that so many LOA topics that are presented through Abraham-Hicks are well done, however, everybody hears things differently.  I am finding that Bashar gives me some passion, and therefore, is fueling my interest in practicing the spiritual stuff that matters to me.  Now, he’s become my best friend.  🙂  I am so happy and thankful that there are so many amazing spiritual teachers that are reaching out to us Earthlings so that we can evolve with peace.

I recently heard a video where Bashar keeps saying, “Circumstances don’t matter. My right now matters.”  Or something like that.  It really hit home!  Everyone has “circumstances”, and although they are different for each individual person, we all still have something to overcome.  I take full responsibility for my past and my right now, and I know my future will be awesome because I am growing into Who I Really Am.

So, you can learn more at, and I hope you will also enjoy or grow because of it as well.  Much love and many blessings from Jen C., the LOA Coach.