Creative Visualization Gone Wrong

How many times have you told yourself that you want something one specific way, and you visualized all the details, even consciously trying to create the “right” atmosphere in your mind, and then have something completely different manifest?

I know when I completed my MA, I was a special ed teacher and looking to move into a school guidance position.  Yet, when I visualized what I wanted, which was a good paying job that would realize my worth, I “knew” that I was coming in as a new counselor with zero experience, and I let it affect my worth…and I took a paycut to accept the job, which was also subpar. I soon left that job for another, and gaining in confidence, moved $10,000 up the pay scale AND found an amazingly good work environment on all levels, literally the perfect job.

Has that ever happened to you?  Or something similar?  Until I got it right in my mind, I couldn’t have what I wanted physically yet, it couldn’t manifest until I knew I was it.

Using creative visualization can be really fun, but now that I know how to use the power of the law of attraction, which is the strongest law in the universe, I can relate how to those who also want to harness their own personal power.  You can also use these important steps to bring you some relief from your current situation, some fun, and some positive expectation and belief about where you are really going in life.

Here’s my best visualization tips to help you manifest anything:

  1. You must already be in a place of feeling good, so begin by clearing your mind, and transition to a state of relaxation by appreciating the good things you already do have. Be thankful for all of it, which ever things or people that bring you the most joy.  See and feel and hear all of these in the present moment in your mind’s eye.  Go through your own personal list of 10-20 things you are thankful for.
  1. See yourself sitting in a very tranquil place (for me, it’s always the forest), usually in nature, but it could be somewhere else, where you feel that you have a strong foundation. I believe wholeheartedly that the earth gives us this amazing groundedness that we all seek, if we would only connect.  See yourself as absorbing the strength and power of the natural forces of the world, coming into you through your feet, and you are accepting this gift with great love and appreciation.  (It’s really true that we are receiving it, but it’s up to us to actually make the choice to accept the gifts).
  1. Think of the one thing that is of importance to you right now, and feel your desire in the present moment, that you would really like to have the experience of following the journey to acquire this special thing (good relationship, better house, new job, whatever it is). Don’t worry that you don’t have it yet, because you have time to manifest it.  Only enjoy thinking about how good it feels to focus on this desire and think about this path, and to get to experience the having of it.
  1. Envision yourself enjoying life with this goal in mind, but also understand that you must maintain happiness about life in general and about this particular topic in order to truly manifest it. You must expect and believe that it will happen, and be eager to take steps along the path TOWARD it.  So, after you have kept the good feelings of the enjoyment and satisfaction of having or doing this goal, then end your visualization with a knowing that the universe is answering your prayers and your asking, and that it is also sending you intuitions on a daily basis.  Start listening to it!

Momentum—Good and/or Bad could be happening on your topic!

The only reason we all don’t have every thing we want is, according to Abraham, because 1.  We wouldn’t want to get it all at once, and 2.  We have resistance and have put the brakes on our manifesting it sooner.

If you are 50-50 on a topic, you are not moving anywhere.  If you are more negative than positive, you keep having bad things happen.  If you are more positive than negative, than you are manifesting more good in your life.

You have the evidence—just look at your life!  Use the creative visualization technique I’ve mentioned here to change your point of attraction, and build more positive than negative momentum.

So, how do you begin creating positive momentum?  By stopping negative momentum by using some of Abraham’s processes.  Start building up your foundation by choosing your thoughts more carefully.  Find true-er thoughts than what you are currently thinking.

Then you can also move to spending as much time thinking something positive as you can.  Pick one thing that you feel somewhat good about, like how much your family cooperates together, and create a stream of thoughts on this topic…like the LOA says, one thought will bring another, and another…and then you’ll be saying a whole list of nice things about your family working together as a team.

The trick here is to stay on topic and keep going for at least 17 seconds, preferably at least 68 seconds, for the LOA to really get positive momentum rolling.

Enjoy your visualizing, and make sure you tell the universe what you really want, or something better!

Much love!


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