Does the Law of Attraction Work and Some Abraham Processes

Have you been wondering, “Does the law of attraction work?”  I meet many people who say it does, and many that do not.

Life has many flavors, colors, feelings, senses, and we are all exposed to various people and situations that shape us into the beings we become. It is never our circumstance itself, but how we view the “hand we are dealt” that determines how we think about ourselves and life.

The law of attraction is what sets up this process of deciding what we like and don’t like, and then as we focus our attention (even the newborn baby will believe it will be cared for–or not) we map out our “emotional set points” for our future lives, and therefore, our happiness.

Sounds crazy, right?

The cool thing is the the law says that if we focus our attention and generally believe that good things will happen, then they will (like an expectation), and that if we believe negative things will happen, then they will.  This article will explain the camps of thought about LOA, and how to use it should you like to test it out for yourself…that is the easy part, so relax into it!

There are those that believe the LOA is not at all a factor in their lives, and may or may not believe it exists. These people, and maybe you are one of them, are open-minded enough to see that there are forces working in the world, beyond our 5 senses, but don’t know how to harness the information about attraction so that they can use it well.

There are those that simply don’t believe in LOA, and the are also just fine where they are. The teachings of Abraham basically say that the law of attraction is working anyhow, whether anyone believes it or not, just as the law of gravity is working with no exceptions.

And then there are those who are believers and they love using the law of attraction to their own benefit, and to benefit others.

Let’s talk about how LOA works and the simple and easy ways to use it.

  • The Book of Positive Aspects–If you would like to have a major positive shift in some area of your thinking, this is the GO-TO process from the teachings of Abraham.  You write about the topic for as long as you are a feeling positive (at least 68 seconds for each topic, and up to 20 minutes total for all topics), then you shift to another good-feeling topic. The end result is that you spend time thinking positively for a period of your day, which then invites MORE positive feelings about that topic into your life.  You have effectively changed your emotional set point for the topic, and if you do this regularly, you will experience more positive feelings and then also manifest more interesting and wanted experiences that you have wished for. (Some will come quickly and some will take longer). See my article about using the book of positive aspects with children.
  • The Rampage of Appreciation–This was previously my favorite process, now it’s tied with the Book of Positive Aspects for first.  This rant allows you to say all the fun things that come into your mind, and one general thought just leads to another.  An example follows: “I love that when I wake up in the morning, all my needs are met.  I have all the air and water I need.  This moment is beautiful.  I am beautiful. I am thankful I am here to breathe it in, and feel the sunshine on my skin.  I like the feeling of all of the gifts of nature that I was meant to receive.  I love the trees, the flowers, the plants, the clouds, the sun, the stars, the water, the oceans, the land, the animals, and I know that they are all there for me and everyone to receive. I am feeling great about my place in life, and in the world.  I feel good knowing that I make a difference in the world, and I enjoy the feeling of giving my love and joy to others. I know that all I need will be provided to me, and more.”  As you use this rampage of appreciation, and you can throughout your day, you can say anything you like that feels right for you, and if you do it using general phrases and feel positive emotions, you will make many aspects of your life more smooth and easy, drawing to you more lovely thoughts that will comfort and secure your worth for an ongoing basis.

There’s a lot more to it, but the basics really are that you Ask and It Is Given, as the book by Esther and Jerry Hicks, says.  Working with this law means that if you are trying to manifest something, such as a better relationship, more money, or something else, you don’t have to spend time trying to understand much about this law, or believe it.  You must only feel good and have a good self worth in order to manifest the things you want.  (There is another side to all of this, and if you offer disbelief in yourself, then you may be offering resistance, which slows down your positive momentum toward what you desire.)

Therefore, the good feeling people get more of what they want, whether they believe in the law of attraction or they just have confidence in themselves. Check it out for yourself and see how long it takes you to manifest something you want, something “small” such as someone treating you to a coffee, or finding a $5 bill on the sidewalk.  And, then, work from there to something medium like having an opportunity you have been waiting for, or larger like a raise or a new job.

Pay attention to how you feel as you manifest the things you want, and come back and tell me if you were a believer or if you’ve changed into one, and your manifesting experience!

Much love and blessings!


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