Having Great Flow

Right now, I’m talking about momentum of good stuff happening.  Flow.  Movement.  Coming from a place of Alignment.  Feeling even a little bit of joy (it doesn’t have to be a lot), knowing that you are creating it as you go.  Nothing happens overnight, it’s far more gradual than that.  A good mood just building over time into something way more than just a good mood…

Waking up happy is nice.  If you haven’t felt like you can be like that, you are missing out!  Life wasn’t meant to be a struggle, so if you want to improve your life, what is it you are looking at ABOUT your life?  Is it some area you want to be different?  Are you upset or sad that you haven’t achieved something important to you yet?

Distinguished Conscious Creators know how to keep a balance between reality–what is–and what they would like to be in the near future.

Default Creators just keep looking at what is…and it stays the same.

The difference is that the Conscious Creators don’t get stuck in reality, they don’t accept it fully because they know it’s always shifting.  And they shift with reality.

When default creators see boring, conscious creators see new fun coming and let’s play with this and see what happens.

When default creators see not enough money, conscious creators feel money coming from being in a good mood.

When default creators curse disease, conscious creators say, “thank you for my healing.”

The Conscious Creators know how to keep their mood stable, no matter what comes their way, and that is the difference we all long for.  Having a stable mood is the key to happiness.  I’m not saying that we all don’t experience most emotions, it’s just that good flow happens from cultivating the source of happiness from within (not from others), so every little thing doesn’t throw them off.

Conscious Creators guide their own mood,  and when something does come up, they regain their control faster than most people would. Makes sense, right?

Good flow is natural, yet many long for this state of being in the zone.  Life is full of abundance, synchronicities, and fun.  It’s a normal and natural state.  If you would love to experience more of that, contact me for info about how to use your own Intuition to get you where you want to go.

Lotsa Love from Jen C. the LOA Life Coach




Finding the Feeling Place of Satisfaction and Relief

I’ve heard Esther Hicks say that the feeling of satisfaction is a lot like relief.  Feeling satisfied is so extremely important, it means we really like ourselves, and are happy in our current moment.  It means right now is good, and we aren’t looking ahead to the next moment or worrying about the past.  Satisfaction feels good.

What is the feeling place of satisfaction and relief for you?  Is it:

  • Doing well on a task and celebrating it?
  • Getting something done joyfully–like all your cleaning–and being satisfied with your work and your self?
  • Realizing that you handled a difficult situation well–with ease or patience or kindness?
  • Knowing that so many things are lining up for you–and you created them?
  • Believing in yourself and your own abilities?
  • Feeling like you are so good–just because you are, or because of your performance?
  • Just feeling good where you are at, right now?

If these are the kinds of things that make you feel satisfied, then you are well on your way to being more happy with yourself.  You must have a strong current of self talk that uplifts you, and having satisfaction is an easy way to keep in a higher vibration.  Enjoy who you are, reach for feelings of satisfaction and relief, and watch what happens!  Try to find the feeling place of satisfaction more often, ask for it, and you will be given it.

Much love!  See my monthly calendar here!

The Emotional Journey

The teachings of Abraham speak of “The Emotional Journey” that a person must take before he/she actually receives the object of desire.  The emotional journey is when you are getting ready for and aligning with this desire.  Some people say, “I’m going to get a new job,” and then they do the steps that lead them to it with ease, and they actually get the job.  Others say, “I’m going to get a new job,” and then fill their minds up with self doubt, and spending a large portion of their time talking about how hundreds of people are applying for it, and only one person will actually get this job.  This person is unlikely to make progress.

What’s the difference?  It’s in the emotional journey from Point A to Point B.  The first person is completely aligned about getting the job, so there is little resistance to having it.  The second is full of reasons why he won’t get the job, and so he won’t. If a person truly believes that he deserves something good, expects it to happen, and also really desires it, then it will come.

Do this exercise for yourself and you will see where you are about having belief, expectation, and desire.  Think about something you want that you really believe you will manifest, maybe even easily.  And think about another thing you want that you believe would be more difficult.  Track the outcomes of each.  I know if you follow your feelings, it will feel good to manifest the easy one, and it will feel slower and it will be more frustrating as you want to manifest the harder one.  It’s about focus, and the belief, expectation, and desire though.  Really explore what your beliefs are so you can drop the limiting beliefs on each topic that aren’t serving you.

Then focus solely on the good feelings you want from the desire–that is what will drive you to reach the goals you want to achieve.  If your desire is to get a new car, feel that feeling of driving it in the now, and spend a few minutes, even just once a day feeling that great feeling, as if it’s already manifested for you.  This is what I mean by focus.  Do not entertain all of the naysayers that say you can’t have a new car.  Do not worry about how you will get the car, or how you will pay for it. Keep the focus on the feeling of having it and how great it feels to be driving it, parking it, washing it, how easy your life is with this car. Once you start practicing this way of thinking (the vibration of a new car) you are on your way to it.

If your desire is just making a little more money, like $100 or $200 more a month, that is easy to ask for.  Just think about how good it will be to spend that money in the way you desire, such as allowing the children to do more activities, or putting a few more dollars into savings.  Feel how powerful you feel, as you have the ability to use money to your advantage each month.  The money is just passing from person to person, spreading abundance to others after you.  You are part of this global economy that is always changing and creating more, so there is enough for everyone.  It’s easy to feel good for most of the day, receive the good you deserve, and then pass it along to the next person.  You can happily receive all the good things you want.

Remember, don’t be wishy washy and go back and forth about your desire.  If you really want something, don’t tell yourself you can’t have it.

Much love, Jen C.

How to do a Vision Board that works for 2015

I am so excited to post this guest blog article from Zehra Mahoon, a LOA coach in Canada.  I’ve learned so much from her ebook offered at the end. 🙂 I’ve been reading her blog for years, and I frequently use Zehra’s YouTube videos about Abraham.  Hope you’ll enjoy making your vision board for your best year yet!  It really works!

Photo Credit by rf123.com


How to do a Vision Board that works for 2015

What is a vision board?  To look at a vision board is a collage of pictures that represent things you want.  It’s a bunch of goals and dreams represented in a visual medium.

To make a vision board work we need to understand what it does for us.  Most people think that we do a vision board in order to put it out there – so that the Universe knows what we want and can bring it to us.  In reality, we don’t need pictures or any other tools to tell the Universe what our desires are, because the Universe is privy to each and every one of our thoughts.  The Universe knows in exact detail what we want and what desires we have been giving birth to since the day we were born.

The reason we do a vision board or a visualization is so that we can gaze on our desires with a feeling of joy. More

Does the Law of Attraction Work and Some Abraham Processes

Have you been wondering, “Does the law of attraction work?”  I meet many people who say it does, and many that do not.

Life has many flavors, colors, feelings, senses, and we are all exposed to various people and situations that shape us into the beings we become. It is never our circumstance itself, but how we view the “hand we are dealt” that determines how we think about ourselves and life.

The law of attraction is what sets up this process of deciding what we like and don’t like, and then as we focus our attention (even the newborn baby will believe it will be cared for–or not) we map out our “emotional set points” for our future lives, and therefore, our happiness.

Sounds crazy, right?

The cool thing is the the law says that if we focus our attention and generally believe that good things will happen, then they will (like an expectation), and that if we believe negative things will happen, then they will.  This article will explain the camps of thought about LOA, and how to use it should you like to test it out for yourself…that is the easy part, so relax into it! More