Peace Class September 2016 Waldorf Homeschool LOA

Welcome to the Peace Class, where we all take time to value each other.  Parents, please join in for the songs, as they will repeat for the month of September.  You can copy this circle at home if you wish.  It will give you and your child a routine to love.


Verse:  Michael, Michael, with your light so bright, Give us courage, give us strength, to do good on Earth.


Summer, Goodbye, Summer Goodbye, You may no longer stay, Autumn is on it’s way.  Summer Goodbye, Summer Goodbye.

Blow, wind, blow, and go mill, go, That the Miller may grind his corn.  Then the Baker will take it and into bread make it, and bring us a loaf in the morn.

When Mary goes walking, the Autumn winds blow.  The poplars, they curtsey, the larches bend low.  The oaks and the beaches, their gold they fling down, to make her a carpet, to make her a crown.  To make her a carpet, to make her a crown.

I am a Blacksmith, good and true.  Best of work, I always do. Can you work with one hammer like me?  Clanging, clanging, clanging so.  With a rickerty-tickerty-tickerty-tick. With a rickerty-tickerty-tickerty-tick.  (repeat using two, three, four hammers)

The leaves are green the apples are red, they hang so high above our heads, leave them alone til frosty weather, and then they will all fall down together.

The Rooster Song (time permitting and allowing the children to choose the animal)…I love my rooster, my rooster loves me, and each day he eats from the green berry tree.  Each day my rooster says, “Cockadoodledoo,” dee do da, dee do da, dee do da, dee do.


Little Ant, The Autumn Blanket, Tiptoes Lightly

Apple Snack:

Clean up:


LOA July 2016 Peace Class for Families

Welcome back to the July LOA Peace Class for Families, where I do a fine job of singing Waldorf and nature songs, and sometimes a Raffi tune, read a few stories, have a great time with the kids.  I usually have to improve a lot!  WE all enjoy this time together, as we practice harmony and cooperation.

Then I try to always make time for the moms to have some LOA time…meaning, I want to hear what you are going through as a mom, partner, family member, community member, and empower you to feel your best.  I hope I actually DO it. 🙂

My brand of empowerment as a Homeschooling Mom and Life Coach is really about finding freedom and being unconditional…so my ultimate goal is to help all of us be more peaceful.  Peace comes from within, so we have to BE it before we can GIVE it.  So I love spirituality and every culture, and try to bring what I feel is fun and good to this group so that we can all be friends.

Here is my Guideline for our Circletime:

Come follow, follow, follow, follow, follow, follow me.

*Whither shall I follow, follow, follow?

*Whither shall I follow, follow thee?

*To the Greenwood, to the Greenwood, to the Greenwood, follow me. (2X)

Intros and attendance, sitting together.

Songs and Verses for July 2016

* Sing a song of sunny hours, dreaming with the bees and flowers.  Sing a song of babbling brooks, Dancing on by shady nooks.  Sing a song of happy praise, thanking God for sunny days.

* The Rooster Song

I love my rooster, my rooster loves me.  And each day he eats from the Green Berry Tree.

Each day my rooster says, “Cockadoodledoo”. De do da, de do da, de do da, de do.

(Puppy, kitten, piglet, duckling)

*I saw a little birdie coming hop, hop, hop.  And I said little bird, won’t you stop, stop, stop?  Won’t you take a moment and play with me?  But he wagged his little tail and away flew he.

I saw a little fish come swimming fast, and I said to the fish, why do you swim so fast?  Won’t you take a moment and play with me?  But he wagged his little tail and swam down to the sea.

I saw a little cow saying moo, moo, moo.  And I said little cow what do you do, do, do?  Won’t you take a moment and play with me?  But she was busy eating grass to make milk for our tea.

*Blue Jay Song (I completely made this song up last time after we brought in our baby “blue jay” which turned out to be a House Sparrow…

I’m a little Blue Jay, Blue Jay, Blue Jay. (3X)

Look at me flap, hop, chirp, fly, sleep, snore…

Sunshine Fairies Circle Dance

We are the sunshine fairies
And with our sparks of light
We shimmer and glimmer in the air
Hugging flowers with colors so bright

(Begin standing in a circle, children hold out their arms at their sides and turn in place clockwise as fairies. Stop and flick fingers as sparks. Hold out arms at sides, flutter fingers, then turn in place counterclockwise; hug self and rub hands up and down over folded arms.)


To remind the children to stay still and quiet, we sing, Open Shut song, and Mother of a Fairy Tale before the stories.

The Green Button

A Bubble Story

The Hedley Kow, an English folktale.

A funny Verse about Robin Hood (similar to the Hedley Kow) by Ben Jonson:

“Sometimes I meete them like a man,
Sometimes an ox, sometimes a hound,
And to a horse I turn me can,
To trip and trot about them round.
But if to ride My backe they stride,
More swift than wind away I go:
O’er the hedge and lands,
Through pools and ponds,
I whirry laughing, Ho ho ho!”

Snack Verse:

Blessings on the blossoms, Blessings on the roots, Blessings on the leaves and stems,  Blessings on the fruits.  Enjoy your snack.”

***See below for my LOA info. The moms and I talk while the kids have a snack and color, then we clean up.

Clean up song: Dusty the Gnome, he likes a dust free home, so I will put all our things away so Dusty can come out to play.

Goodbye Song:

Dear friends Goodbye, Dear friends Goodbye, Now is the time of day when we all go our way.  Dear friends Goodbye, Dear friends Goodbye.

Go well and safely, go well and safely, go well and safely, our love be ever with you.

***As for the LOA for the Parents, I love to pick a topic and practice it for the whole month to really find strength and possess that quality.  Earlier this month we began with the idea that “God helps those who helps themselves” and I brought up the LOA reasons…how we must cultivate good qualities within BEFORE we expect good things to be given to us.  First, we must practice.

So, it is of great importance to BE that quality…if we want ease in our lives, then we must do what we are inspired to…for me this was to just set myself up well the night before, to have all things prepared well in advance of the next day.  What a difference that has made for all of us.  We’ve had more cooperation, more joy in starting the day, and certainly more time because we all start off in a better mood.  Because we are committed to having ease in our lives, our lives keep getting easier.

See this video about unconditionality.

Thank you for reading and for coming to this group, which enriches me and fulfills me so much, and my hope is that it does the same for you!

In August we will meet at 10:30 am at TCFCC in Brick, NJ, on Weds. August 3rd, and Weds. August 17th.  Plan to bring your lunch to do the park afterwards.

As always, PEACE!!

Jen C.

More July Classes on Loa at The Center for Conscious Caregiving

Hey there wonderful and beautiful beings… here’s a few specifically wonderful classes at The Center for Conscious Caregiving featuring my Loa coaching.

Wed. July 13 th and 27 th, 10:30 am- 12 pm. Peace class for Families. Waldorf and nature based songs and stories and some time for patents to practice Loa as well. $10 for parents with one, $15 for Families with two or more children.

Back to normal next month for the first and third Weds. For the Peace class then because it’s in demand I’ll be offering alternating Thurs. As well.

Wed. July 20th 6 – 7:15 pm. Loa Self, Health, and Relationships. $10

Wed. July 27th 6 – 7:30 pm. Loa Money Class. $20

And saving the best for last, Sun. July 24 th from 9 am to 2 pm, Reiki for Children is on!!  This time for the 12 and older crowd. A parent must be present to understand how Reiki is used. Cost is $65 and includes a Reiki manual and Kids Reiki Shares.

Don’t worry we are doing Reiki for 5-12 year olds on Sun. Aug. 21st same time.

All classes at TCFCC located at 1613 Rt 88, Brick NJ 08724.  Pls email me at or call me to register 848-232-8392.

Notes on Homeschooling

To go along with my talk at the PorcFest 2016, this is a list of homeschooling resources that I have used or I believe work well.

Reasons to Homeschool:

  1. Freedom!!!  It’s yours and your children’s choice what you do and how.  That is very empowering, fun, and educational.
  2. Community–You are developing a like-minded community that will thrive on your presence there.
  3. Most Homeschooled Kids get good grades–
  4. Most Homeschooled Kids are sought after by colleges–
  5. If your child is Gifted, has Allergies, has a Disability, is being Bullied, is getting poor grades, is going through tough times and could use some extra attention and love.
  6. Your child is normal or average and you want more time together, you share a lot of love together….

Getting Started:

  1.  Check how easy it is to Homeschool in your state, and what requirements might be necessary. or just type in your state and “homeschooling”
  2. Join Homeschool Legal Defense above for some protection.
  3. NH Resources:
  4. Have a replacement income source, and my favorite and easiest way to build a website with all the tools included is through SBI.

Starting Mid-Year/Pulling a Child out of School TO Homeschool:

  1.  Yes, you are allowed!!
  2.   You may need to state what school your child is transferring to, even if you are homeschooling.  Just make up a name of your school.


  1. Borrowing from the District–This is possible to get grade appropriate materials from the Home District, however, this also puts you on the radar.
  2. Ordering materials online–search for one.
  3. Completing an Online Curriculum through an Accredited program–search for one.
  4. Buying your own/Creating your own–Eclectic
  5. Cost Effective/Low Budget–Curriculum Fairs allow Homeschoolers to purchase used materials, and are most easily found with larger HS groups.  Make plans with other HSing families to buy materials they are done with.  Or order used and new materials at, which searches for the lowest prices.

Types of Homeschoolers:

  1. “Regular”–you teach your child at home using the materials you see fit.
  2. Democratic/Free School Types–You want your child to be treated fairly with equality to adults.  Children and adults make the rules together and decisions are made together.
  3. Unschoolers–You are comfortable with unstructured education, and/or you enjoy child-led education and freedom.
  4. Secular–You enjoy non-religious educational  materials.
  5. Religious–You want strict or non strict religious education.
  6. Part time-school or Preschool–Many parents are ok to put their younger aged children in Goddard or Montessori, Waldorf Schools or Private Schools, or a completely typical preschool, where they get some interaction with teachers and “regular” children.
  7. Coops–Some like to create their own groups based on what type of homeschoolers they are, and so they can meet PT/FT, one-two days a week, and are made up of any of the above types (and more).
  8. Academics at home but Coops for non-academics–Art, Music, World Language

Social Stuff:

  1. Forming Groups–there are many local groups, many available through Facebook.  Search for groups there.
  2. Again, Coops–If you have a community of a few families this can work so nicely.
  3. Playgroups–Letting your children pick the friends they want to see after their school work.
  4. Park Days–Having a nature element allows the children to stay connected to nature and science, and offers plenty of easy lessons that children relish.
  5. Regular Activities during Afterschool hours–Letting your children choose classes that suit them and have the chance to be with schooled children.

Health Concerns:  Many homeschooling families choose to not vaccinate their children.  If this is you, you may wish to get connected to exemption letters for your state, especially if you have one child in school and the rest homeschooled.

Look for Holistic Homeschoolers in your area, FB may be a good start, if you want to find others.

Community Service:  Most if not all, Homeschooling Families do so with an element of community service.  Decide what you want to do and go out there!  Helping local charities or groups is the most rewarding thing we’ve done as a family.  We make cards and mail them to seniors, make lunches and deliver them to our homeless, we raise money for animals and people.

Troubleshooting:  Using LOA is very effective in paving a smooth and easy transition into homeschooling, and for maintenance.

  1.  Not many people in my area are Homeschooling.  You will find your tribe as you go.
  2. People don’t understand Homeschooling so they criticize me and ask me a million questions about it.  Sometimes they want a simple explanation that you should get confident about giving.
  3. My own family criticizes homeschooling.  Stand strong in your values, no one’s opinions matter more than yours!  Use LOA to help you.
  4. My kids have learning difficulties.  Get into groups.
  5. I don’t have any experience being a teacher.  You don’t need any but some states do require more than others.
  6. I don’t know if I can afford homeschooling.  Try starting an online business with SBI here, this is what makes me money every month.
  7. Teaching more than one child at the same time.  Try doing less to start, an hour a day for younger, two to three for older kids.
  8. Having time alone.  Bartering some babysitting time is nice, so find some friends to allow you to get out while your kids play together.


  1.  Unconditional Parenting by Alfie Kohn for good info on how we shouldn’t raise our children to obey for rewards or criticize them for not doing what we want.  Good lesson on manipulation!!
  2. Learn some relaxation techniques like meditation, Reiki, or visualization that will help you.  You don’t have to know everything right now, but each step will be revealed along the way with a little faith.  Again, use the LOA/Law of Attraction if you like it, to help you “see” your goal being attained easily.
  3. Your best asset is YOU–your vision, your clarity, your specific life has led you to question standard schooling…and you have a child teaching you how to be your best. Showing this child unconditional love is an important step in Homeschooling, because you will be together A LOT and need to have a positive time together for learning to be effective.  The best thing you can do to help your child is to literally be your best, fulfill yourself, be happy and accepting of yourself, and allow the same in your child.


  1.  If you wish to book some coaching time with me for using the LOA properly, I am available by phone or in person at this conference for a 50% off discount for coming to the PorcFest 2016.  Private sessions are $30 per half hour or $50 per hour for specific coaching for switching jobs, creating a website, transitioning into homeschooling, or being emotionally ready for it.  I can energetically help you to clarify your vision and how to get there. Looking forward to it.
  2. Jennifer Caruso, at 848-232-8392, and here at  My new affirmation website is still in the making, but I hope you’ll visit me for empowering LOA affirmations soon.


Schedule for Fundraiser for the Homeless

For our June 12th Fundraiser for Land for the Homeless, here are the details!

So many gifted practitioners are willing to help, and I am so pleased and honored to be able to volunteer to give some time doing what we all love, to benefit the Homeless.

The Fundraiser Event will be held at The Center for Conscious Caregiving, located at 1613 Rt. 88, Brick NJ, 08724. They are graciously donating the use of the space for L4H.

Sun, June 12th, from 9 am to 3 pm, we will be open for Reiki, Massage, Yoga, and Meditation, and some Psychic or Angel Readings.  By making a donation to Land for the Homeless up to and including as a walk in, you are entitled to a session with the practitioners.

For a $40 donation, you will be entitled to a half hour of Reiki, or a half hour of a Psychic Reading, or a half hour of massage. (private sessions)

For an $80 donation, you will be entitled to an hour of any of those. (private sessions)

For a $15 donation, you will be entitled to a Meditation session. (Max. 20)

For a $20 donation, you will be entitled to a Yoga class (Max. 10), or the Women’s Sacred Circle (Max. 15).

Thanks in advance for supporting our fundraiser.  The energy workers who have lovingly given their time are:

Jen Caruso–Reiki from 10 -12 pm and from 2-3pm (Sign up for half hour or hour long private sessions), Law of Attraction Women’s Group from 12-2 pm (This is a group with a maximum of 15).

Kris Lindemann–Reiki or Psychic Readings from 9 am -12 pm. (Sign up for half hour or hour long private sessions.)

Abhaya Cordova–Angel Readings, IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) or Reiki, from 9-2 (sign up for half hour or hour long private sessions), and Yoga from 2-3 (This is a group with a maximum of 10).

Ann Staats–Vortex Healing from 10-2 pm. (sign up for half hour or hour long private sessions)

Danee Carlson–LMT/Massage from 9 am-3 pm. (sign up for half hour or hour long private sessions).

Marcia Felicito–Yoga from 10 am-11 am and 11 am- 12 pm.  (These groups have a maximum of 10 each).

Meditation–TBA (maximum of 20)

INSTRUCTIONS to donate/receive a service for our Fundraiser:

  1.  Make your donation at, and use the first option to use paypal’s button and put your amount in for the service you want.  For instance, if you want a half hour of Reiki, put $40 in the donation amount.
  2. Choose the recurring option if you’d like to make a monthly donation (but there may not be a Spa Day Fundraiser every month for that 🙂 ).  Also, if you want to make a $40 donation but wish to have $20 recurring, then check the box and type in $20 and process that, and then make a non-recurring $20 donation as well.  That gets you a half hour of a private session and gives you the chance to help monthly with ease.
  3. Forward your receipts-or copy and paste for privacy–to with your name, email, and phone number.
  4. I will call you to schedule your appointment. Thanks so much for making this fundraiser a huge success for our homeless friends here in Ocean and Monmouth Counties.  We are looking forward to doing this more often!












Focus Wheel and Focus are Key for Success

I was blown away by this Focus Wheel video from Abraham-Hicks, and focus is truly the key for LOA success.  This process is very effective to move you into better feeling thoughts, and make you feel more certain and sure about where you are going.  (The example here is someone asking about Real Estate success, but really does apply to anyone).

If you would like to see/hear/feel how the Focus Wheel process works, this is the perfect way to find out.  The wheel has a statement that you begin with and then you proceed to add some similar feeling statements, that you keep general enough in the earlier stages, and you get more specific as you gain in positive momentum/clarity/strength/belief.

click me

Enjoy, and all the best!  Much love and blessings from Jen C., the LOA Life Coach

Join me at the Good Vibe University for lots of fun, LOA tips, and joyful feelings.

Tipping the Scales

forest photo

Don’t you just love the feeling of knowing that Source is obviously loving you and adoring you?  I am so there!  I feel that Source is flowing what seems to be all good things directly to me, like there is a pipeline with all my favorite everything on the way.

Lately, I have been feeling like my life is so full of good people and situations, like everything I want is already here.  I have been doing the new story that goes with it, so I am not at all surprised that I feel good where I’m at.

But not so long ago, I was kind of cranky and somewhat miserable, maybe even hopeless!  It was gradual changes, intentional changes, over time…and looking back it seems like years.

I look now at my life and am so completely Happy, and feeling more Satisfied with each passing day.  I know this comes only from the emotional journey I’ve been on, and that anyone can do that as well.

If you need some direction, follow your heart.  If you are unhappy where you are, stop and listen.  You have the answers you need.  The answers are never “out there”.  Yet, remember that it is the inner “work” that creates your reality, so start talking yourself up and tip the scales in your favor!

Much love and many blessings from Jen C., the LOA Life Coach

Money and Abundance

Here’s a nice short clip from Abraham-Hicks about Money and Abundance and how they are related.  Get this:  money comes from overall ALIGNMENT, that is all it is.  And, I’ve often heard it said that money is a way to say, “Thank you,” for what you receive.

You want and need money, but are you Aligned often?  Once in a while?  Frequently?

Get clear for yourself about what values you hold, and be honest about if you are following those values.  If you are not, you feel negative emotions, and this is what blocks good things from flowing into your lives.  If you feel great, then there is likely money flowing already.

If you want to understand this relationship about Alignment and Money, just try to be generally happier each day…at some point soon you will realize that more money is flowing to you.  Let me know when you see the change!  Much love and many blessings, from Jen C., the LOA Life Coach


Fast Manifesting

OHHHHHH.  It is so nice to feel positive momentum flowing, especially when it’s free and easy.  When the mind is clear of clutter, and we are feeling good, manifesting can be pretty quick, within days at times.

I feel that a tremendous burden of useless old thoughts have been removed from my daily routine, because of practicing LOA and using Abraham-Hicks information.  That didn’t happen overnight, but it is happening.  It probably took a few years of on and off practice to get better at understanding how energy flows.

Now that I’m a more Deliberate Creator, and made my life about coaching LOA because I love it, I am so happy that I actually AM good at manifesting what I want, and helping others manifest as well. More


Hormones galore here, so I am exploring how to deal with LOA and PMS.  I am one of those nursing moms that is experiencing some changes.  Not menopause types, just crampy, hormonal, and flow type stuff.

I see myself having light and easy periods that last three days.  I see myself transitioning to using a DIVA cup or something that I barely have to see or come into contact with.  The less and easier it is, the better.  My manifesting tips are to visualize the best case scenario, but expect even better.

With the law of attraction, I do have to practice what I want sometimes.  I have had consistent and predictable periods that have been heavy on days one and two, but barely ever crampy.  But now that I my littlest is almost completely weaned from my milk, my periods have gotten more crampy and heavy.

So, I like this video, short and sweet for you, so you can get a quick and easy idea of how to just embrace getting into the vortex, and then knowing that all my physical body will respond.  I trust this to be the case.

I do the Health Process in Ask and It is Given, and it helps me daily.  I have also put myself on a great path for health and healing using it.  My PMS is changing, and my cycle is getting shorter and lighter.  I expect the rest is also on the way!

If you’d also like to hear more about healing diabetes, you may join me on Facebook at Diabetes to Wellness.  Much love and many blessings, from Jen C., the LOA Life Coach


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