Overwhelmed with Manifesting using LOA

Sometimes, even I get overwhelmed with manifesting using LOA, even though I’ve been doing it for years and have gotten pretty good at it.

I am finding that I should sit back, relax, find something I really do enjoy, and just do that!

Like, I don’t have to focus on “doing” a million manifesting exercises.  I can just think about puppies and bunnies!  Life is really easy when I do that.  And, I bet you are guessing ease would be helpful, right?

When I’m relaxed, and feel life is easy, good stuff definitely comes in.  Like when I decided that I’d be taking my kids to the beach regularly, and the very first time we went for the season to enjoy a playground on the beach here on the Jersey Shore, hundreds of ladybugs just happened to find us–me and my two little girls, and they were more than happy to stop to look and learn about them.  New friends!  Nice to stop and smell the roses, when the ladybugs have checked in as well!

Enjoyment, delight, and ease!  Oh, my.

As I’m entering into 36th grade this year, I thought it would be better to have more fun with manifesting money, manifesting fun, and manifesting better relationships.  I am looking forward to a delicious year!

Come visit me at The Center for Conscious Caregiving for LOA classes and coaching.  Much love and many blessings, from Jen C., the LOA Life Coach


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