Fast Manifesting

OHHHHHH.  It is so nice to feel positive momentum flowing, especially when it’s free and easy.  When the mind is clear of clutter, and we are feeling good, manifesting can be pretty quick, within days at times.

I feel that a tremendous burden of useless old thoughts have been removed from my daily routine, because of practicing LOA and using Abraham-Hicks information.  That didn’t happen overnight, but it is happening.  It probably took a few years of on and off practice to get better at understanding how energy flows.

Now that I’m a more Deliberate Creator, and made my life about coaching LOA because I love it, I am so happy that I actually AM good at manifesting what I want, and helping others manifest as well.

Things definitely got faster though, when the brakes were off and the resistance was gone.  I keep getting interesting synchronicities happening often, daily, actually.  I hear about a place then the next day someone is telling me about it; I had a dream that I would get money in the mail, and a few days later I not only did receive money, but also a new job opportunity that I’d been wanting.  People are lining up better; good relationships are also lining up better.

It’s like it’s all premonition, and that is cool, bizarre, but also pretty natural and normal for me now.  Intuition is such a fun thing to play with, and life gives us so much to play with.  Do you have intuition, even if it’s something small like the things I mentioned?  Isn’t it exhilarating to “know” ahead that this is part of a Divine Plan?

Conscious Creation is so important, it’s so much easier to just be happy and look eagerly to the future than to complain about the past or hate the present.  We miss our chance to enjoy our present moment so many times throughout the day. I think it’s best to find joy in everything we do; this sends a signal to Source that we love our lives and can handle more good things coming our way.

Much love and many blessings from Jen C., the LOA Life Coach




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