Law of Attraction and Forgiveness

I have been taking a lot of time lately to think about this process of using the law of attraction and forgiveness.  Using the LOA, I am incorporating forgiveness into my life with relative ease.  Years past, this never would have happened!  And, now that I’m older, wiser, and more loving, I am enjoying this amazing process to just feel good, regardless of my past with certain people or situations.

Have you ever known that someone has done you wrong and dwell on it, solely thinking about how the other person has so many faults?  I have.  I know this is the kind of mindset that will literally kill a person.  Feeling blame, having guilt, wishing to have done things differently and not appreciating yourself, getting angry, frustrated, resentful all the time…these are the negative emotions–life suckers–that grate on a person over time.  Instead of ever resolving a situation or coming to a positive understanding after a conflict, and if  focused on the negativity, you will NEVER get out.

Because I know and am trying to really understand and incorporate the laws of the universe (and the law of attraction is only ONE of the universal laws), I now realize that the SOLUTIONS must be the new norm, and focusing on the positive aspects of what you really want in life. For instance, I can look back on my past and feel betrayal, abandonment, resentment, lack, and say that certain people caused these emotions in my life.  Truth be told:  No one can make me or anyone feel anything–so, what anyone feels is a choice. Given a room of 100 people, in any situation, we all realize that there would be varying degrees of feelings.

If I stay in these negative emotions, then I continue to attract the same sort of situations, repeatedly, into my experience.  If I believe my father left me, and I continually dwell on that, I am sure to attract future mates and other individuals that will leave me as well.  If I believe that I can cultivate and nurture amazing relationships, then I will.  But lately, I have been doing something really amazing that is really expanding my consciousness to incredible levels.

I have been wishing for abundance, joy, love, and happiness to the people in my life, even those like my ex-husband, and my own father and step-mother, that I’ve viewed as needing my forgiveness.  I’ve been asking for clarity and guidance from my ancestors, fully realizing that I can allow their love to shine on me. So, I’m creating a new set of relations with my family, and setting a new standard for myself with a new protocol in mind.  The new protocol is one of unconditional love.

Let’s talk about unconditional love, because it’s such a gigantic topic.  Self-love is first and foremost, allowing myself to see myself for who I really am, a person that came from God, and has no limits (unless I place them on myself).  I am eternal, universal, infinite, and immortal; I know there is no birth and there is no death, and it’s my only job to care so much about how I feel and being in alignment.

Esther Hicks says (as Abraham) that basically our lives should be joy, freedom, and fun.  I’m paraphrasing, but if we are in contact with our inner guidance system and use it well, we would easily self-correct if we get off course, but our main path is happiness and enjoying every moment.

Years of living out of alignment has proven to be stifling, and when a person feels terrible, it forces them to focus on what is really wanted.  And what is wanted is feeling good and forgiveness.  It feels very free and far better than focusing on negativity.  I’d much rather see the people that wanted to hurt me feeling so good that they are focused on their own good and spreading their love to others in some way in the world.  Seeing a person how God would see them–without faults–and only recognizing and bringing good points about them into my experience, is an amazing life changer for the person doing the forgiving!

When I don’t limit others, when they are free to be whoever and whatever they want, that feels good.  Why should I consume myself putting labels on others and pigeonholing them into being just one aspect of who they really are?  When I do that, I am only limiting myself really.  The law of attraction will just bring me more things to complain about.  And, if I can say that I really love so many aspects about that person, like if they were loving or generous, or thoughtful, or caring in certain ways, don’t I feel better?

I believe that is the key to changing existing beliefs about a person or situation, to see them in an unconditional way, starting out with a few general thoughts about it, and allowing that to overtake the negative thoughts, so that eventually, the positive thoughts are more and stronger than the negative ones.  I enjoy thinking that I am seeing through the eyes of God when I see only positive characteristics in myself and others, which I believe IS the ULTIMATE goal in life anyhow.  It may be a byproduct of being appreciative or by realizing that everyone is special, but LOVE is a verb.  Love is something that doesn’t just “happen” by accident, it is something that we CHOOSE on purpose, over time.  Unconditional love is really ignoring the negatives and focusing only on the positives, and is so much more than what most people think of as ordinary “love”.  Either way, we get what we are thinking about, and I’d rather get more love and fun in life.

Using the law of attraction and forgiveness together is a very powerful combination, as what I am experiencing is a thrill of really understanding myself, believing in my own greatness, blessing my past, being grateful for my present moments that are filled with joy in various areas of my life, and a challenge to allow the unconditional love to flow as freely as I can on a consistent and regular basis. “I am so happy and grateful that I have this chance to forgive myself and others…” might be a good way to continue the forgiveness process.

Much love!


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  1. holisticjen
    Aug 08, 2014 @ 01:53:04

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  2. blanchard1954
    Aug 09, 2014 @ 07:10:28

    I really needed this now. Thank you and God Bless.



  3. holisticjen
    Aug 30, 2014 @ 02:25:45

    I am really working on this–it’s a process, not an event. You are welcome, and I hope you’ll allow yourself the real time to work through it. Blessings to you as well!



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