LOA and Animal Cruelty S998

Animal Cruelty is a hot topic now in NJ, as Governor Christie just vetoed Bill S998, which would have allowed gestating pigs to have some freedom of movement.  Here in NJ, this gestation crate issue is gaining some momentum because Christie is trying to gain favor from the Governor of Iowa, who strongly supports the pork industry.  The bill theoretically would save pigs from an inhumane lifetime locked into a crate, but these crates aren’t actually used here.  So, the bill would just continue to make sure that the crates WON’T EVER be used, or brought back.

This symbolic gesture would help pigs, but at the same time, us animal rights activists also have to balance ourselves, and know that there are other solutions.  Solutions that will be coming shortly, because over 90% of NJ wanted the crates gone.

The reason why I write this article is to bring up important points about all sides of this situation. And, mostly because I want to get some positive momentum going that will allow the animals freedom while they are alive.  Some humans see these pigs as so important that they have rights, and some aren’t moved to help animals in any situation.  My goal is to write about the LOA (law of attraction) and animal cruelty, and give some tips to live a better and happier life, no matter what side of the animal rights issue you are on.

Remember, the whole idea of LOA and the teachings of Abraham, is that you attract into your life what you are focused upon, as our thoughts are like magnets to more of the same.  The general idea is that all is well, and when we focus on negative thoughts (like the suffering of animals or people or the planet) we are actually perpetuating more of the same negative circumstances in our own lives and the animals.  If we focus on happier thoughts or ones that give us relief (where ever we are), our problems will go away with ease and we may be able to help the animals as well.

I found this video about Animal Cruelty helpful, as it discusses how Abraham sees animals…
That the animals chose this life before they came into it, and that the animals choose in the vortex thoughts from where they are.  Meaning, the animal chose this life, and knew about the circumstances of it’s life AND death beforehand and chose it anyway.  Unlike humans, though, it continues to stay close to source as it moves through it’s experience. So, no matter what the circumstances, it is not affected.  It wanted this life and it’s death as well.

Now, let’s think about us as humans.  There are the vegetarian camps out there and those sympathetic to the animals.  That’s actually me, but I also realize that if I am sympathetic, then I take on the emotions that we “think” the animals are experiencing, and that is not good for us…because Abraham says the animals are not experiencing the cruelty the way we think they are. That is comforting to me, and I feel like I can rest easier knowing that.

It seems at odds with what I’ve experienced before, and the reasons why so many animal rights advocates keep on trying to gain rights for animals.  Many animal rights people get all worked up and are clearly out of their vortex, so they are ineffective at persuading others.

So, me being a LOA user, I try to see through the broadest perspective I can, utilizing my source energy to feel appreciation for all parties involved.  I fully realize that I am not going to persuade anyone with my words.  I believe the only course of action is one of inspired action…

  • I get into my vortex and stay there often.
  • I use LOA to put my feeling good first.
  • I get into the vortex and then appreciate the animals and the good they are being shown by so many good farmers.  (Notice I am not focusing on farming practices I don’t like.)
  • I appreciate the many people who are helping animals have more rights, because the world is evolving at a rapid pace now.
  • I am thrilled to be living at a time when so many people can get connected to each other through groups and offer support to each other and discuss strategies which may help animals live better.
  • I enjoy taking personal actions that make me feel good such as eating vegetarian or vegan foods, or if I eat meat, I buy it from free range farms or some specific type of farm that I am comfortable with.
  • I enjoy talking with like-minded people, yet I still love all people.
  • I keep finding ways to free my own mind, because setting limits on myself doesn’t feel as good as realizing there are endless possibilities, and many possible solutions to anything I focus on.
  • I realize that only I am responsible for my own happiness, and that if I look at negative conditions, I will keep getting more of them.  The conditions of my life don’t need to change first.  First, I can change what I’m discussing within my own mind–then the conditions I see will change.  (Like Dr. Wayne Dyer said).
  • Allowing (as in the law of attraction) means that I just relax and know that all is well (meaning that if I step back and look, there is much more good than bad), and when I allow all the good things I am wanting in, that’s when they show up in my experience and those I love.
  • I can be happy even if all the conditions I want haven’t manifested yet.
  • I take action to help animals when I am inspired, not because I feel bad about animals, but because freedom is the natural progression for all beings.
  • I am happy each step along the way, because it’s all the contrasting situations that make me want freedom more, and this empowers me to effectively use my energy.  Then I know what to focus on better to get positive momentum going.

Another BIG thing would be to NOT get specific on all of the MANY specifics that drive animal rights people insane (killing, torture, poor living conditions, crates), and instead completely and totally go general on all animal topics, like freedom and love, that more and more people are coming to realize that is a better experience for animals and the farmers that raise them.  As people get more excited about the opportunities for organic, free range, or no cruelty farming, there will be more and more shoppers buying what they really want…the farmers will have to follow suit because the people are changing toward that as consumers are voting with their money.

I am not even close to saying that all the world should be vegans, and I don’t believe that at all.  In fact, I fully support that anyone who wants to eat meat should eat it.  Who am I to tell anyone what to eat?  I only ask that every person grow a little every day, by questioning how they can improve themselves–by asking their true source, and following their inner guidance toward their best self.

I do know that as everyone does this, life will be better for people, for animals, and the planet.  It is my belief that there is more similarity than difference among people, and that good will always prevail.  Let’s focus energy towards good conditions for animals, good relationships among people raising animals for food, and activism that shows appreciation.

Much love!





10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. LO
    Jul 29, 2015 @ 05:37:40

    Interesting thoughts here. Although there is no such thing as good farmers when they betray the animals and murder them, this is not humane. Perhaps visualizing people joyous with animals and with true love there can not be betrayal and no cruelty.

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    • holisticjen
      Jan 24, 2016 @ 23:04:38

      My belief is that farmers can be compassionate and that we are moving toward that. When we label anyone as bad, we are actually perpetuating that trait we don’t want. So, I would much rather realize that the big picture is good, like you are saying with people behaving joyously with animals. The best way to make the animal’s lives better is for us to live in peace with ourselves, and when we are battling the “others” we are not at peace. We must find the inner peace to be effective FOR the animals. I love your imagining people living with true love, that is certainly important–loving yourself enough to be happy, then taking inspired actions to help the planet and animals.



  2. Talia Fornari
    Jan 24, 2016 @ 21:16:13

    Thank you so much for writing this. I práctica the law of attraction and visualize compassion freedom love for all ANIMALS. Sometines i lose my way. This article gave great tips, a wonderful message.

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    • holisticjen
      Jan 24, 2016 @ 23:00:07

      So glad you liked this. It’s nice to connect with other animal rights activists like you, and I love your visualization! The world needs that now.



      • Jenni
        Mar 16, 2016 @ 22:22:05

        Thank you for this article. I must confess I am but a beginner on my journey with LOA and I agree with much of what you say, but I also feel resistance within me to some of the things you suggest….for example about avoiding focusing our attention on specifics. Perhaps it is my ‘beginners mind’ showing here, but it seems we operate in a world where, for change to happen, we often need to get very specific. Perhaps what you’re saying is to be specific about our intention to want animaks to have a right to love compassion and none suffering. And I think this is an excellent recommendation. But to my awareness, implementation of legislative change will often involve getting specific on what should not be allowed and I think it’s necessary in a world that still seems to play by that metric when it comes to policy change. I can also understand people’s views and passions of the intolerable nature by which some farmers treat humans and the way they live. Perhaps it is my own defences showing but I sensed an element of judgement towards animal activists who are fighting for change. Perhaps it’s all a matter of the energy from which we come : are we coming from a place of fear and hate or love and peace. Your article alludes to the notion of the animals having chose that life. I’m really not sure where I stand on that. What for instance would be the ‘purpose’ of the billions of male chicks ground alive each year in the egg industry Iin terms of choosing that life? Again forgive me if I am showing my lack of understanding and awareness of LOA. This is a topic that can cause me much much distress ; indeed I can descend into a very negative vortex when I think about it But I also feel I must do something and help raise awareness. It simply isn’t ok with me what happens to these animals, but perhaps my resistance to that is blocking another process on some level I certainly do feel caught between the worlds of fear and love when it comes to this topic I want to be loving to all, but admittedly find my companion towards farmers strained when I learn of certain things. perhaps it’s a matter of how to frame that and the perspective to take? This is a topic close to my heart. I desperately want to help make things better and be a voice for the animals who can’t speak, but I also don’t like that I can despair at the human race, so need to find a healthier way. Warm wishes


      • holisticjen
        Mar 18, 2016 @ 04:08:45

        Jenni, you have left such an articulate response. It is obvious you care about animals, and you can easily continue to help them. Since you are new to LOA, there are some basics that I was speaking of in this article. Yes, you should not get specific about anything negative–that keeps a cycle of negativity going for you. When you are general about positive stuff–the visualizing good things happening for the animals, farmers, and consumers–that is when you get powerful. And that is my intention, to help advocates get more power.

        Have you ever noticed that animal rights advocates that are mean might invoke a change or two, but likely those are temporary? Anyone who hates others will eventually get converts, but there is a cost. My belief is that we all should strive toward whatever we think is best, and that is an opinion–it’s all subjective.

        If we are all eternal beings, though, there is no rush, no time pressure. So, in a way, it’s better to relax, and to focus on the outcome we do want–I am sure we can agree that if animals are going to be food, they should at least be treated well, moving freely during their lives, and have a quick death and as painless as possible. So, I see both people becoming more vegetarian, and also choosing more human options for meat they do consume. I see farm workers changing as a result of their jobs–some quitting and finding work they believe in, and others treating the animals lovingly. I see more consumers expecting and demanding better conditions for animals, so that all companies comply. (And I just heard that Russia is doing away with killing male chicks, so there will be ways to change policies that help the animals AND the people).

        But you see, all this happens when we focus on our own inner peace first. If we have inner peace, we don’t see all the bad in the world. We see solutions easily. We don’t look at the problems as much, because we are actively feeling good and are part of the spreading of good in the world. This is the inner peace that ignites others, because it’s not out of fear, but out of love. So this is the biggest difference that happens when we go generally positive, instead of specific about negatives. Complaining is like disease, first to the self and then second when we influence others. So the specifics are just talking about what is current, but it’s far better to look where you want to go than what is actually happening.

        No, no element of judgment that activists are bad, just that they aren’t always effective in the ways they would like to be. I have given my perspective in the hopes of helping to shift that for the advocates to hear it. Doing your work out of love changes everything.

        I know my response was long, and I hope I’ve given more clarity to why I said things the way I did. I really do appreciate your comments and feel your truth that the world needs people like you TO help the animals, and keeping the focus on the love, not the fear, if that makes sense. You are doing amazing things, and should keep it going.


  3. Susan
    Dec 23, 2016 @ 06:45:53

    I like how you rely on the easy, although false solution to not feeling bad about the abuse to animals. Animals chose to be tortured and murdered? Are you serious? Yes, we don’t know exactly what thoughts animals have but the reaction to a painful act brings about the same result which is pain which is a detriment suffered whether it be for a second or a lifetime. Ignore it and it will go away has worked so well in the past. I wish people like you could change places with an animal living a life of abuse. It would help me to feel better to know that all the animals being abused were people like you but that’s just wishful thinking



    • holisticjen
      Oct 30, 2017 @ 22:42:41

      Hi, Susan, this is a Law of Attraction blog, so the comments here related to that. Yes, I am totally serious that we should choose to be happy and not complain in our lives. If you are sitting there getting overwhelmed by what you perceive as problems the animals are having, you are inviting a very negative life for yourself. If you follow the many LOA tips I give on how to become a more powerful advocate, because change doesn’t happen overnight, you might possibly persuade more people to help you. I am not judgmental nor do I need to go to character flaws to make my points, so please enjoy learning Law of Attraction in a peaceful way. I fully understand animal rights issues as well, which is why I wrote this article.



  4. Susan Williams
    Feb 05, 2017 @ 15:00:45

    I needed this article today as have just watched a horrific animal abuse video and feel very distressed. Which led me to google what AH has to say on the subject. Which led me to this page. While it is helpful to be reminded to only focus on the positive as I do believe that is the true way forward, I do find it impossible to believe that these animals are not experiencing the abuse the way we think they are. You only have to witness their physical pain to see that this statement is not true. And although we must focus with pure intent on good and kind animal practice I agree with Jenni that we cannot turn a blind eye to the suffering either and must fight for animals who don’t have a voice. We must do our bit in every way we can.

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    • holisticjen
      Oct 30, 2017 @ 22:44:52

      Yes, but LOA works on anything you are focused on, so if you focus on suffering, you get more suffering. If you are a good advocate, you’d be focusing on freedoms, animals with open space, good living conditions, etc…Must turn the focus into something positive.



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