Expectation is Everything when you want to Manifest Anything

Why does life feel good?  You expect good things to happen and they do?  My experience has been that expectation is everything when you want to manifest anything!

It doesn’t matter what you want–you must act like it’s happening now, know that it’s coming, feel all the feelings of having it, think about why you want it, and trust that it IS.  When you live like the one thing you want is the only option, the other paths fall away, and the true path opens.

Just like graduating high school or college, getting a job, moving into a relationship…you know that if you follow certain steps you will eventually get there.  Most teens expect to graduate.  What they do from there, may be more ambiguous, but they still are creating their lives.  It’s all their choice really, although us parents entertain the illusion that somehow “we” set our kids up for their successes.

Look at love, or finding love!  If you are really wishy-washy about what you want, your date choices reflect that.  It’s in choosing a path that we find out who we are…Are we discerning?  Are we too picky and therefore judgmental, making others bad because they aren’t just like us?  Are we direct and openly caring?  What qualities do you want in a mate?  I hope you could want some of these attributes, and feel these often in your own life in order to BECOME each quality.  You must BE it to get it.  Goodness, Worthy, Love, Passion, Joyful, Happy, Healthy, Faithful, Loyal, Playful, Free, Romantic, Thoughtful, Caring, Forgiving, Calm, Peaceful, Enthusiastic, Energetic, Eager, Flexible, Rich, Affluent, Abundant, and whatever else you can create.  It’s when we relax that that magic happens.  We have this expectation that our lives will get better and better, so then we just go and create some fun for ourselves, and then, that’s when a potential partner shows up.

So, Abraham-Hicks teaches all this good expectation stuff, but in a general way.  We can want anything at all, and if we feel good, we should expect to get it.  Conversations With God says something similar, in that we should let go of expectation for specific things and enjoy the process, like “the joy is in the journey.”  In the end, everything is perfect and right for us, so we can stop judging everything as good or bad (which would remove thousands of negative thoughts about ourselves daily).  We can be happy on the way to where we are going, because we’ll always be on the way.  We never cease to be, we just change our energies and our bodies and our families through lifetimes of the illusion of being born.

We can just be our authentic, higher self, and live every moment as if we know Who We Are, and make our decisions about what to think, say, and do based on if it fits our image of us as our Higher Selves.  If we had complete faith, we would only expect good things, so don’t get caught up in specifics too much, surrender more, trust more, and you will be golden.

That sounds easy, right?  Much love and many blessings from Jen C., the LOA Coach


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