Inspired Life

Do you know if you are living an inspired life?

Have you thought about following through on your biggest ideas and plans lately?  As the end of the year quickly approaches, it’s time to get real about if your life is really what you’ve defined it would be.

How do you “know” that your life has meaning?  Can you feel it?

How do you define yourself and what matters to you?

If your answer was kind of blah, then, it’s time to get some creativity and inspiration flowing.  Our natural state is one of being open and ready, not stuck and stagnant.  When the mind is clear (and this takes practice through meditation and intention and desire for clarity), then ideas come through with ease and regularity.  Some ideas we take action on, and others we just sit around pondering.  But one thing for sure, that all things have Divine Timing.

If you have been wanting something to happen and it hasn’t, it doesn’t mean you can’t manifest, it most likely is that you are focusing on the lack of what you want, rather than enjoying visualizing how satisfying it is to actually have what you want.  Subtle thing to change, but this will create profound shifting.  The evidence will show up, and you will feel better, then you know you are on the right track once again.

LOA is a great leveraging tool, so we should learn to use law of attraction as well as we can.  A few minutes of clear thought is far more powerful than hours of “efforting” physically, and how I love playing around with energy and the potential it brings for all of us.  Our power is so right now, and it’s fun to use it, mold it, shift it, send it out, and watch how it transforms and returns to us.

Lotsa love from Jen C., the LOA Life Coach



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