My New Inspirational Projects

I love living through my heart, and have been inspired to start some new projects. Right now, I live as a homeschooling mom (previously a teacher and guidance counselor) and I get to do what I want on my terms, as a Law of Attraction Life Coach and teaching Reiki to children.

I am truly fortunate in every way.  I have love and peace overflowing from me in my own good feelings that it is spilling over.

These are the new inspirational projects I’ve taken on lately:

I like empowering women, so I started a Women’s Sacred Circle group that meets monthly at The Center for Conscious Caregiving.  Generating good feelings is the norm, and we are open to new members joining now.  If you are in NJ, you can join in by visiting my Law of Attraction and More Life Coaching FB page and signing up.

There are two non profits working to help the homeless in our area that I care about.  We have 14,000 homeless in NJ and people have taken to hiding in the woods, so these two groups are helping them stay safe.

If you are familiar with Tent City in Lakewood, the Minister helping them is Steve Brigham and he has started Destiny’s Bridge.  Their next fundraiser is Sat. Dec. 5th, a fine gift auction.

And, Land for the Homeless is expanding!!  They have two sites now, one still in planning and another in Atlantic City.

Pairing my love to just “be” of service, by helping locally, I have really grown in my own personal development, intuition expansion, and of course, in love.  BUT, because of my new understandings, I want to continue to be generous in giving…I started two new blogs, one about tithing and one about matching the homeless to local people who want to donate.  More on that in coming weeks and thanks in advance for your support on that.

Another amazing thing, is I notice that when I am loving, more stuff lands in my lap, but I also do have the resources to help out.  A man running an orphanage with 28 children in Uganda found me, and I am helping him set up a campaign to get a well, and some farm animals, and am mailing them seeds, clothing, and Bibles.

And seeing how our homeschooling communities can help with any of this will be a wonderful way to spend our days, with true kindness in our lives, that is everlasting.

I am glad for my place in this world, because my life is really good. Much love and many blessings to you as you take a moment to create some loving memories for the people you love but don’t even know…be inspired to step out and do something you weren’t planning to do, something no one else could do or would do…someone WILL notice, and someone WILL be  grateful for every little thing.  Especially when you do something that the person cannot repay.  That is the “spirit” of this holiday season.

Love from Jen C, the LOA Life Coach



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