Why My Kids Believe in the Idea of Santa But They Don’t Believe in Santa

Here’s a nice holiday surprise!  My little girls do not believe in Santa.  And I’m the one who made sure of it!  I’ve told them from when they were really young that Santa is really Mommy and Daddy and all the good people that want to give. And we are Santa every day, and they can be Santa also.  I want my children to grow up wanting to give, and at this time of year, it’s easy to have fun with gift giving for us, and for the charities we care about.  And since we do nurture imagination in all of our lives, this was no big deal to allow them to generously give to others for Christmas and every day.

I couldn’t bring myself to tell them a lie after doing the Santa routine with my oldest and having her lose trust in me for carrying it on.  I let her find out and get doubts and finally told her, but it was like she had a burden because we’d lied.

So, I chose to handle it differently with my two littler ones.  Of course, your family decides how you do it in your home, but I just want to put it out there in case my children play with yours and blow it up.  You might want to be prepped ahead of time so there are no tantrums from any parties.  No, just kidding, I’m really just educating myself about LOA and finding that the Secular Humanist is still alive within me maybe.  Except that I do believe in God and Spirit, I love the principles of the Humanists.

I found this cool Abraham-Hicks video and really liked the way Esther Hicks discusses the Satan and Santa topics…enjoy!  This one particular idea of just being true to the inner being, and cultivating it in my children has given our family so much freedom and joy, that they continuously wish to give to others.  (Now, there are many ways to do this, all of which are good :))  Enjoy your journey with or without Santa and…

Much love and many blessings from Jen!

Jen Caruso:  I have been studying the LOA for many years, and have some experience manifesting feelings and stuff I want, like three happy children and a kind husband.  My feeling good has become my focus, as I am a very happy homeschooling mom enjoying all the fun that I decide and my vortex brings.


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