Consciousness Deepak Chopra

Are you always looking for new insights about consciousness with Deepak Chopra?  He’s a favorite of mine, and I love this video of Deepak explaining the birth and death cycle as recycling, to a non-believer (Robert), and setting the record straight for anyone who wants to know.  We are all one, we are all part of the universe, we never truly die, we only change forms into infinity.

I knew that.  I didn’t need a Deepak to tell me that.  But if you don’t do spirituality or religion, that’s ok also.  I feel very deeply that this is the state of the world.  A lovely perfection that is always changing towards love.  Every cell asks for well being. Every being asks for well being.  And the universe goes on. This is why the state of being matters.  What do you want to be today, right now?

I AM peace, love, and lightness.  I am full, so full of good, that it is overflowing.  I am strong, brave, and bold.  I am pure, positive Source Energy, and I know my power.  I am a messenger to do good in the world, and I am so happy and thankful that I can.  I align with my Highest Self right now.

How about you?

Much love and many blessings, from Jen C., the LOA Coach

Here’s the video:


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