Book of Positive Aspects about Children

I’m just starting to use a book of positive aspects about children…I’ve been doing LOA very actively, and with more and more focus and clarity, for over a year. And, I’m sorry I didn’t do this sooner!  In the teachings of Abraham, Esther Hicks speaks about using this book to just enjoy positive things about any topic a person likes.  As the person writes, they think of more and more things that are positive, building a positive vibration about the topic.  When you feel like stopping, you stop.  Change the vibration, little by little, until it’s way more positive than negative…or just keep adding more positive to an already positive vibration.

I’ve heard about the BOPA and all, and I’d read Ask and It Is Given, I’ve journaled and done focus wheels, I’ve written what I am grateful for. I have book after book with notes everywhere. Finally, after somehow not realizing it was so useful, I started to write my own first Book of Positive Aspects–because I finally decided it was time to ONLY write about my children in a positive way.  Frankly, I was tired of having little complaints about my family life (even though they had plenty to complain about as well).

I have already seen a tremendous improvement in my relationship with my children. Just by viewing them with a better light, I have managed in a few days to influence a relationship that has been at times difficult, toward much more positive communication, a new cooperation, and just more kindness.  I am actually in awe of this beautiful process that I have carefully set into motion, and am eager to continue to use.

Esther Hicks says to use this process for about 20 minutes each day.  I am trying to begin my day with it, and I rarely get 20 minutes with my kids around.  They know my routine, and that I sometimes sit with them, and I sometimes go back to my bedroom and shut the door to write in the morning.  They know I feel better, and it gives them their own time to play, and they do so easily.  I love this time of day to realize that I can “feel” the things I love for a few minutes and set lots of happy moments into motion…and then get amazed as each one comes up.

My middle child is a darling, and I truly want her to realize her power, which she has been engaging more lately, as she just turned 5.  I’ve been thinking of her being a powerful creator, and envisioning her getting her wishes, and allowing her dreams to come true.  I had to laugh as we were leaving our home to go pumpkin picking, she was asking me for her gloves.  I asked her to just come so we can get to the farm, and she happily agreed.  But, wouldn’t you know it, her Pop-Pop and Nana had bought her a scarf, hat, and glove set, along with a ton of other dress up clothes.  Exactly. What. She. Wanted. In Purple-her favorite!

As I write about my youngest, I just feel all lovey-dovey.  She is my cuddle bug, and is a joy.  I love all the interactions, because once I knew that she would be my last child, I wanted to really revel in my love for all of them, especially this little one.  She’s bursting with life, vibrant and fun, and I just keep on seeing this in my experiences with her.  She plays, dances, runs, prances, and is always busy and curious and smart.  I keep getting more fun, which also means I get to keep up with this fast paced person, who is 38 years younger than I am!

I am thrilled I’ve taken the time to begin this process, and I plan to use the book of positive aspects daily for a while, at least a month or two, maybe until the New Year or beyond.  It seems it’s bringing me fast and easy results. This is easy peasy manifesting at it’s finest.  When my girls are happy, I’m happy, although that’s only part of why I’m happy. 🙂

All of my interactions are getting easier with them; this book of positive aspects is working like a charm.  I like pre-paving my day, and then enjoying all the fun moments while they are happening, but I also love the writing.  I write at night as well, right before bed. That’s the time I reserve to write about my almost teenager.  She is the one that I have the most history and time with, and she is the one who I sometimes think holds my heart.  She has been my greatest teacher, although I know the other two are as well.  With all the contrast, comes a lot of learning, and so I keep learning.  She keeps telling me when she needs her space, and I have to align with her wellness and freedom.  She tells me she wants certain material things.  I have to align with her having whatever she can manifest, although I know I am not the only avenue for stuff.  She tells me she wants peace and love, and I have to help her line up with the thoughts that can allow them in.

Are your children your biggest blessings as well?  I saw someone use the line, “My greatest blessings call me “Mother””, and I believe that is the truth.  I believe the children are here to show US adults the unconditional love we are supposed to have, and we just have to line up with having fun with the children in order to allow the good feelings to flow easily.  Do you agree?  I invite your comments and appreciate your insights! Much love!



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Yasmin
    Aug 19, 2017 @ 06:44:20

    So writing in a journal about how you feel about others and how others feel about you and the relationship between you in General does help to make changes to the better, you say. So how long does this process take to see these changes manifesting in real life?



    • holisticjen
      Oct 30, 2017 @ 22:29:13

      Hi, Yasmin, you are to write in the journal about how you feel or how you want to feel about others (not how others feel about you). It should only take a day or two for you to actually FEEL better, after that if you keep it up, you will likely be more relaxed in situations where you weren’t before AND you can see evidence that your family/friends/etc…are acting and treating you differently…because you changed your vibe about them. Let us know if it’s helped you and what your LOA practice looks like now!



  2. holisticjen
    Aug 19, 2017 @ 18:43:27

    Having Aligned feelings is what is most important, Yasmin. Leave how others feel about you out of the picture, it doesn’t matter if they love or hate you! It only matters how you feel, and you can cultivate feelings of joy, expecting joy, wanting joy, inviting joy. I’m not talking about far away joy, I’m talking right in the moment, when you imagine your child happy, think of what he/she looks like, how is he speaking, how is she helping? What wonderful qualities does your child possess, and did you know that when you think on these qualities they expand, because you are focusing on them. The ones you see as imperfect, you didn’t pay attention to, so they will begin to lessen. It takes only a short while to feel the improvement in your vibration! LMK how it goes!



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