Arguing For My Limitations

I had an almost urgent feeling that I HAD to get this post out. I just took up jogging again, after years of not bothering to even try real cardio. There is good news and good news! But I must start at the beginning and brief you, so you fully understand why it matters where I came from…

I was teaching in Newark when I started jogging, urged along by a coworker, who was a former marathon runner. I was maybe 25 or 26, in great health overall, but never tried jogging outside of high school gym class, where I got winded. After a few runs with my students as part of a jogging program during school, I didn’t get winded any longer. It was getting easy. So easy, I started running at home and loving it.

It kept getting easier, actually. So easy, I was running 4 miles in the morning without breaking a sweat. Eight minute miles without breaking a sweat. Then, I thought, maybe I’ll train for something bigger like a marathon or a half marathon. I started doing longer weekend runs, getting up to 8-10 miles no problem.

All the while, I was considering getting pregnant, and with my (ex) husband wanting to get pregnant faster, I took medical advice that I really didn’t like. I took Clomid, even though I wasn’t too keen on the side effects. Then, Premarin, and even a few others, because the doctors said to, and I had no idea what consciously creating meant…but because I had a fear of taking the Rxs, when I took the very first pill, it somehow made me feel different inside. It was like I was moving through space with dead weight. I jogged, but got winded right away, and felt terrible the whole time. It was all I could do to drag myself out in the morning.

I mentioned what I was experiencing to the doctors. One of them told me, “It’s all in your head.” And, at the time, I nearly went crazy ballistic about his inconsideration.

Fast forward to my now, as I am a full-blown deliberate creator and, now I am thanking this doctor. You see, I was arguing for my limitation.  He was right, and I was wrong, but I didn’t know it then.  I was expressing that I WAS experiencing this weird feeling (my previous now, my reality, my “truth”, my limitation)… and it really had been all in my head…because what you fear, you create.  And because I had fear, I created problems for myself.

I can only say this now, because I took years off from jogging, and each time I tried to get back into it, felt that heavy, dead weight feeling again, and then decided against it, saying that it was the medicine that changed me. I’ve spent years not considering all of it, but just recently decided to only jog when I feel inspired to jog, and somehow, on some days, I jogged short distances. I got back into it really slowly, over months. To the point that I jog about 20 minutes and walk 20 minutes in one session, with ease. I had completely forgotten about my previous limitations! So, as I eased into my newer jogging sessions, it was as if I was learning to jog the first time, a little winded, then no problem.

I wasn’t focused on my past, I was focused on enjoying my now. Each time I jogged I enjoyed all the parts of it, the weather, the trees I passed, how easy it was to jog for one minute, two minutes, three minutes, and more, the sounds of children playing, people walking holding hands, people enjoying their leisure while I passed, free to talk or garden in their yards. I enjoyed their abundance and the good feelings I was contemplating, and it built up my new jogging experience a little at a time.

I had to take the time to write about it, because it was such a great feeling to embrace this challenge, and feel this burden fall off of me. I am still learning to jog faster and farther, yet, I am knowing that all is well this time. I know that I can repeat the limitations that a medicine did something negative to me (when it was actually my fear) OR, I can embrace health and keep moving forward to whatever inspires me.

I enjoy changing my beliefs so that I can truly enjoy my right now, using the teachings of Abraham as a guide. So, now as I am learning to jog again, I can honestly say that I am letting go of limiting beliefs, and creating a new vibration of wellness and stability around this topic for me. I feel like a strong and powerful co-creator; I know I am receiving intuition and insights from my inner being often, and I am acting on them. That is why it has been so easy for me.

I wish to consciously create this mindset and practice it into being the most comfortable and normal place to be, and then watch as I gain in more physical strength. As I gain in physical strength, I know I will in turn, gain in mental and spiritual strength, because it was my mental and spiritual gifts that allowed the jogging to happen for me once again. I feel completely grateful for all of the experiences that brought me to this moment, including the doctor—especially the doctor—that only later brought my realization full circle, that I am my thoughts.

It feels amazingly good to let go of this old belief, and knowing that I won’t be run by the conditions that I see in my life. I am going to feel good and have alignment, and practice that, and then my conditions will be optimal for me. The teachings of Abraham are so important, and I wish to bring them to you as well through my blogs at and

Feel free to tell others about your journey into wellness, and how letting go of a limiting belief has happened for you.  Much love!


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