General LOA Affirmations for Ease and Clarity

I love to play around with intentions, and often find myself practicing 30 days of a particular vibration until I am that new vibe.  So, here are some general LOA affirmations for Ease and Clarity, that I am sure Abraham and Esther Hicks probably has extensive info on as well.  I always begin by closing my eyes, relaxing my entire body from head to toe, and then relaxing my mind.  When I am in this alpha state of mind, I speak my truths and reprogram my heart and mind to tune into my new desires and intentions.  I remember that if I have asked, it is given, and so I believe it as a done deal.  The Manager/LOA will take care of my every wish, like the Genie in the lamp.

This is a Rampage of Appreciation or Rampage of Ease and Clarity. If you are new to Law of Attraction, or an old timer, I would definitely try 30 days of this new vibe and see how far you can go with it, changing the words to suit yourself, of course.  This original rampage would take you far beyond the 68 seconds of momentum that would guarantee the better feelings you are wanting, so enjoy.

  • “I like the feeling of ease and clarity.  It’s really fun to mold my vibration.  I’m a good creator, and I’m getting better every day.  I can do this a little at a time.  I’m enjoying finding new feelings.  Life is pretty easy for me.  I have all that I need and more.  I like the feeling of getting clear.  Good things always line up for me.  I enjoy thinking of the stream of wellness that is flowing to me.  Good timing finds me, good people find me, good situations find me, good opportunities find me.  I like finding Silver Linings in everything.  I feel shifts happening even right now.
  • Life is fun, life is delicious, and I’m enjoying all the new things I get to try.  It’s like opening a door and seeing what new experience is behind it, and I like this process of opening each door.  I’m excited, I’m eager, I feel good.  I feel like I’m allowing.  I feel clear in my mind and my heart, and I am listening to the guidance of Source coming through, always there for me, always supporting me, always adoring and loving me.  I like this feeling of fun days and me molding them.  I like feeling balanced and grounded along the way.  I like feeling happy, and I find joy in so many aspects of myself and my life that I hadn’t even noticed before.
  • As I gradually shift my emotions, better thoughts always find me. I am stable, and I am certain. I am sure.  I am comfortable.  I am ready.  I am so affluent, my good always spills over onto others.  I love choosing this vibration of ease, clarity, and certainty, and I am ready to receive my Highest Good.  I give myself permission to accept all of this loving vibration into my being, and release all that doesn’t serve me now.  I am so appreciative of the life I’ve lived, so I can ask for and expect all the good I deserve to happen for me now.”

Much love and many blessings, from Jen C., the LOA Life Coach


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