Adding some Ease into your Friday

This is a really general Abraham Hicks video about Ease and Flow, and because it’s really general, it makes you melt into this delicious vibe of easy. No specifics about where in life you want easy and it works!

I really do like the ease of my world, how I don’t have to control or monitor anything but myself.  Guiding might be the better word!  I try to focus on ease with my parenting, because I want to have an easy going style with my children, I want them to be cooperative and contribute to our harmonious family life, so ease is an essential.

I want that ease with family and friends and groups, with pick ups and drop offs, with exercise, with fun, with stuff I feel I want to get done, with work, with my husband, with phone calls, with paperwork, with technology.  If I practice Ease in general, it shows up in all the places I would expect it to be.

And here’s validation from the Universe that it’s happening to me, I found a special on Good Vibe University (for the best LOA forums), I’m already finding answers to things that are tripping me up there, my one daughter is getting off to school without any help from me, my husband is able to be with my kids when I have things I want to do, and I have enough extras that I have lots to give away.

And the big one, because my daughter had an abscess on her gum, I called the dentist office right away.  The dentist couldn’t take her.  Closed for Labor Day weekend.  So, it’s Thursday afternoon and the office isn’t open again until Tuesday, and fortunately, they made her an appointment for Tuesday.  But–that’s five days my little one has to wait with this pain.  (And emergency rooms aren’t really equipped to deal with tooth extractions if needed, so instead of thinking I was stuck…)

I looked up natural ways to heal the abscess, and found a article on it, saying that salt water, colloidial silver, and oil of oregano for infection were all good choices.  I had these items and used them, putting the oil on directly.  After two uses, all signs of the infection are completely gone.  (I have some concerns about using antibiotics, so this was the best choice for us).  I was just so happy that even after she slept through the night, it still is getting better.  And, I also found out that Willow Bark is like aspirin, so I gave this to her as well, mixing the capsule with peanut butter for her to eat.

So, I wish it hadn’t happened, but since it did, the answer came very quickly to relieve the pain.  It is such a relief that she is feeling better, and we’ll make it through to Tuesday with this plan with ease.  I hope your life reflects what you want as well, with ease at the top of the list from now on!  So, much love and many blessings from Jen C., the LOA Life Coach


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