Getting What You Want is Easy

Getting what you want is easy, when you stop doing what is keeping you out of your vortex.  Today, let’s talk about how to relax and create some flow using the Law of Attraction!

We all think we have pretty good lives, but think it’s just moments when we think negatively.  Just a few.

Or, do we?

How many times a day do you negate what another is saying?  Disagree?

How many times a day do you create a judgment about yourself, or others?

How many minutes a day do you spend telling the same sad story or complaint (health problem, relationship problem, work problem, money problem) over and over again?

Is your self talk, and talk with others about all your problems in life?

How often do you actually get in an argument?

Or use manipulation or force someone (child, partner, community members, or another adult at home or at work) to do something they don’t want to do?

Are you bossy, uneasy, annoyed, fighting against things? What else might you be that simply just gets in the way of manifesting something good?

One thing is for SURE, if you don’t have what you want, you are doing something similar to the above.  BUT…

There are literally endless possibilities of great options that the Universe cooks up for us, as soon as we ask.  So, if Source is giving it to us (no condition from Source because Source only loves us and knows we are worthy and deserving of it!) we have to line up with the feeling of having it now.

I know I like to just do a short breathing exercise when I feel myself getting judgmental or annoyed…just ten deep breaths is usually enough to make a big difference. Some days I have to talk myself into a better mood through the Abraham Processes, which I can teach you through private coaching.

All I know is that, life is way better when we start to see ourselves as PART of an awesome plan, so we are a cooperative piece in this plan.  When we relax, we can get on the road to anything we want!  Things do start to trickle in, a little at first, but then as we can maintain a better mood, more things we’ve asked for do come. (That’s building momentum gradually with the LOA).

Do you want to get more of the things you’ve wanted?  Chances are it’s certain feelings you regularly and routinely have that are blocking you, and not that you should give up on your dreams!  Your truest desires, which you’ve amended over time, are coming to you, as long as you take time to keep your vibration clear!

Spend a minute relaxing your body, feeling the tightness slip away easily, from head to toe.  Feel the ease and freedom in your body.  Then focus your attention towards things you like, such as a nice, clear day in nature.  Picture yourself happy there, feel the clothing on your body (is it for leisure or exercise, maybe?).  Soft, cool, perfect.

Feel the air, the life-giving quality it possesses.  How cool it feels on your nose, a light breeze floating by.  How the sun feels warm on your skin.  And it’s all perfectly suited to you and what you like.  A perfect moment because you are in exactly the right place at the right time.  Now is the only time that matters.

Notice the ease, how time doesn’t matter.  No rush, just being in this moment.  All is quiet, except for some chirping birds and their wings flapping, maybe some squirrels chasing each other.  And here you are happy.  And continue breathing and creating a mental environment for your own happiness to flow.

This is a feeling you can also cultivate and take with you throughout the day.  Please cultivate it daily, thinking of things that make you happy.  Abraham has given the wisdom to us, that the fastest way to what you want, is to stop doing that thing you keep doing…which is the daily blocking!   Coaching is a fun, personalized, and interesting way to remove these blocks and let more good into your life.

Train your mind and your emotions, it is so much easier than you think, for you to become a master of your self.  I’m available for limited hours each week, and have morning, afternoon, nights, and weekend appointments for private phone coaching. (EST)

Coaching by phone makes your life easier!  It’s convenient…After you decide on the coaching plan, you just paypal me, then I send you the forms to begin.  Call or Text me for more details at 848-232-8392, with your:

Name, phone, time zone (or country if out of the US), and days/times and the coaching plan you’d like.

Lotsa love and many blessings, from Jen C, the Law of Attraction Life Coach



LOA Basic Certification and LOA Wealth Practitioner Certification

I am so excited that I completed my exams and it’s now official, I passed the LOA Basic Certification and LOA Wealth Practitioner Certification. It’s a relief, but I also feel very satisfied that I have such a great start in my new career. I will be available for individual appointments and group classes at The Reiki Way Learning Center in Brick, NJ.

The classes I am focusing on are Law of Attraction Basics (4 class series), Law of Attraction Wealth Building (4 class series), Intuitive Healing with Reiki, and individual Life Coaching for anyone.  I especially am interested in helping advocates of groups to do their best within their work environment, so that they can uplift as many more as possible.

Giving is a big part of my life, and it expands my personal power and reach daily.  Please give to anyone or any group you are inspired to help.  You will be helped tenfold.  My three favorite and local non-profit groups are The Reiki Way Learning Center in Brick, NJ, Land for the Homeless in Old Bridge, NJ, and Seer Farms (temporary animal shelter) in Jackson, NJ.  I am so thankful for this opportunity to serve others doing work I love.

My two LOA certifications were fun to do, and you can learn more about those here at

Much love and many blessings, from Jen C., the LOA Life Coach