Self Help Esteem Help

I love Self Help Esteem Help and the whole world of changing paradigms, shifting reality, quantum jumping, creative visualizations, and creating myself.

One thing Esther Hicks says is that “you don’t want their awareness of you, you want your awareness of you.”  Don’t let other people’s opinions of you become who you think you are.  Who you are is a being of love, peace, and freedom.  You came from an unlimited Source and you can create yourself and your environment in the same way, by changing your thoughts gradually over time.

She emphasizes using, “I love how I feel” because feeling good for no reason is one of the keys to happiness.

Meaning, we don’t need the conditions of our lives to be perfect in order to be happy.  Look at the conditions of your life, and you may not like it all…BUT, when you look at conditions and feel happy or appreciation, that is a step in the right direction.  But, even that is not as good as just feeling good without any particular conditions being present.

For instance, I can feel good even while my family is not harmonious, when most wives/mothers are blaming themselves or someone else for a  problem.  How is that?  Because I focus somewhere else, and realize that all is well and everything is working out for me (and them).  I de-emphasize what doesn’t feel good, and instead, do what Esther says in the above video and emphasize what does feel good.  I stay general and know that every one of us is free.  I also pull into my experience what Dr. Wayne Dyer says, and use a lot of powerful affirmations, especially those about “being” love.  The harmony I desire does come back rather quickly because I am harmony and I know I can call upon it anytime.

There  are a lot of amazing gurus out there, but the most important one to you is you!  Getting in touch with your inner guidance is of ultimate consequence, as you really feel good, and change your paradigm from pessimistic to optimistic and then beyond into knowing and passion and belief, the conditions of your life will change as well.  But you must FEEL those things BEFORE they actually come into being.  (Like Joe Vitale, the multi-millionaire who used to be homeless, he learned to feel happy, and then everything he’s wanted has manifested as a result of that happiness, and Bob Proctor, who is one of the oldest teachers of the LOA because he’s been studying it for over 50 years!)

(My personal experience with this “formula” is lengthy, and my journey has been both fun and exhilarating, now that I understand the exact ways to bring what I want into my life.  Self help or Esteem help is always available and right at your fingertips, with your own quieting of your mind.  The voice you hear will tell you all you need to know, and give you the incremental steps that lead to a wonderous path…it doesn’t all just happen within a few days.  Working with the Law of Attraction, you can and will draw into your life that which your dominant thoughts ARE.

When you make the conscious decision to BE happy, whether or not you have much to be happy about, you are telling the Universe, “bring me more happy feelings, thoughts, events, people, experiences into my life.”  And so it is.

Ps.  My own experience with mental health as it relates to the allopathic paradigms is that they have it all wrong–for instance, focusing on problems, according to the Law of Attraction, is going to bring more problems.  Therefore, focus on what is going right, and get more of that instead.  CBT or Cognitive Behavior Therapy and empowerment based theories work better.  See how this feels for you.  Please take care of yourself by combining your program and shifting into self help strategies that resonate with you for your overall health.  This is educational material only.

Much love from Jen C.


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